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2008.07.02, 05:41 PM
We Ran our Annual Enduro races last week. We had entended to run a 1 hour race with the Racers and a 500 lap race with the Formula 1 cars on a large oval.

We decided to just run both races for an hour as we decided to not change the track to an Oval and just run the layout we ran the racers on.

here is a drawing of the track we ran, and the trophies. (you can click them for larger views).

http://www.saltlakemini-z.com/forum/gallery/1/thumb_1_26_06_08_9_50_40_0.jpg (http://www.saltlakemini-z.com/forum/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view;id=1580)http://www.saltlakemini-z.com/forum/gallery/1/thumb_1_02_07_08_3_53_04_0.JPG (http://www.saltlakemini-z.com/forum/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view;id=1582)

here are the results from the race.... My 5 year old boy Cygen raced in the 1hour Racer race and finished it. :eek: My wife was nice enought to take care of changing his batteries and fixing tires, etc. if he had issuees. :cool:

Finishing positions

Racer 1hr Race

Brian - 1st place 245 laps (briankstan)
Chad - 2nd place 235 laps
Russ - 3rd place 233 laps (Bash N Thrash)
Luke - 4th place 214 laps
Cygen - 5th place 85 laps
Ryan - 6th place 80 laps

Fast Lap - Brian - 12.52

F1 1hr Race (adjusted for missed laps)

Chad - 1st place - 242 laps
Brian - 2nd place - 227 laps (briankstan)
Ryan - 3rd place - 201 laps
Luke - 4th place - 199 laps
Russ - 5th place - 181 laps (Bash N Thrash)

Fast Lap - Brian - 12.48

it was a great time as alway. As to Lukes Suggestion it looks like we will be running 2 enduro races a year. :D

here are a few shots of the Track.. you can see the full size in Ryans Gallery (http://www.saltlakemini-z.com/forum/index.php?action=gallery;su=user;cat=116;u=5)


2008.07.02, 06:20 PM
That looks awesome! Congrats guys!

2008.07.02, 09:48 PM
That looks awesome! Congrats guys!

thanks Tom. We had a great time. We are limited to running the enduro races outside, it was a good 95+ out there, we had plenty of traction, as the sun set and we finished the F1 race as the track cooled down you could really feel the traction going away.

2008.07.03, 02:40 AM
That's real cool. I wish we had that option! It looks like the perfect weather over there to do that sort of thing. How big was that track? That's one big drive way!

2008.07.03, 08:42 AM
the track was 25' x 35'