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2008.07.02, 08:07 PM
Time to dust off your Mini-Z's. I know you have them and it's time to get them out. Inside Line Racing and All Speed hobbies will be hosting the Mini-Z Summer Shootout. This will be a three round series plus the finals. Trophies will be awarded for the top three positions in each class.

For now there will be two classes:

1. Stock: Open to any 1/28th scale rc car, 2WD or AWD. The only restriction is everyone must run the PN 70 turn motor.

2. Mod: Open to any 1/28th scale rc car, 2WD or AWD. Racers are open to run any motor.

For both classes there are no FET restrictions. No sauce for tires.


2008.07.10, 03:30 PM
Due to the amount of interest for this event, we are opening up a sportsman class. Come out this Friday for some Mini-Z fun. No matter what skill level, I will find you a class.

2008.07.10, 04:42 PM
What do you mean sauce for tires?

2008.07.10, 05:23 PM
What do you mean sauce for tires?

Basically no traction compound allowed.

2008.07.10, 06:22 PM
check Wilson... I saw him using it.

2008.07.10, 06:33 PM
check Wilson... I saw him using it.

Done. I will have eagle eyes on him.....

2008.07.12, 03:28 PM
Great racing last night and good turn out, 26 entries. Race summary and pictures will be up soon.

2008.07.13, 12:36 AM
He better be kidding... :confused:

If there's a sportsman class on the July 18 race I'd like to sign up. :)

2008.07.13, 03:52 AM
Brian: yes, there is sportsman. I think we only had 6-8 expert and the rest are sportsman but you cannot run pan body. Has to be kyosho autoscale or white body.

The weather in San Franciso was much cooler than Santa Clara and some RCp tracks were brand new and this made my cars and others to push like crazy. It looked cool tho drifting aroung the sweeper w/ my awd :D.

On this event we had sponsored 10th scale drivers, 2004 PN world Champ, Fast 10th scale SF drivers and mini-z drivers for more than 8 years were all there. It was a great turn out. The track was only 7 sec track but that didn't stop anyone from opening up that throttle with their hot motors in the open mod class. We even had couple of mini-z drifters that was drifting aroung the 10th scale carpet track. Also, everyone was helping each other out with their set-up. Tyring to find the best one that would work on this track.

Thanks to Jonathan and Binh for starting this event. All Speed Hobbies staff/drivers for their hospitality and their awesome in-door track! ILR crew for helping out with the RCP tracks set-up. What a great event!

Next stop is at Inside Line Racing this Friday. Not sure what time it'll start but I'm thinking sometime around 8pm since people from SF will have to drive through traffic to get to Sta Clara...

See you then :)!

2008.07.13, 01:25 PM
who was the 2004 pn world champ?

2008.07.13, 03:19 PM
^ sadly noone knows... Leo Zheng... ask Phillip, he knows him well.

Luke/Brian: no pan body... we're only having the pan class for the regionals.

2008.07.13, 11:09 PM
No pan body no problem. :) It means I have a good excuse to bring out the McLaren again, thanks TJ!

2008.07.13, 11:57 PM
Brian: I think you can even use your prototype chassis if you can fit the kyosho body but make sure with Binh first. I honestly don't mind anyone running any chassis as long as it is 1/28th scale :).

See you on Friday!

2008.07.14, 08:28 PM

Expert mod A Main: ILR 21 is Jonathan Hernandz, ILR 22 is Romel


Expert Stock A Main: ILR 22 is Romel, ILR 18 is Jaime


Sportsman Stock A Main: David Yu F1 is Laymen Reid, ILR 16 is Wilson, ILR 23 is Ryan


Sportsman Stock B Main: ILR 23 is Ryan


Sportsman Stock C Main: ILR 24 is Rudy, ILR 25 is Neil


2008.07.16, 05:09 PM
Videos from Race 1 of 4 from Summer Shootout 2008

A Special Thank you to Inside Line Racing and All Speed Hobbies for putting the series together.

Sportsman B-Main

Sportsman A-Main

Expert Stock A-Main


2008.07.16, 10:38 PM
man that looks like fun :D

I gotta keep saving for that rcp! :eek:

2008.07.18, 07:50 PM
now streamig live at http://www.justin.tv/insidelineracing

2008.07.20, 03:54 AM
For results, please visit.


2008.07.20, 04:50 AM
Videos from Race 2 of 4 from Summer Shootout 2008
A Special Thank you to Inside Line Racing and All Speed Hobbies for putting the series together.

Bernie, thanks for shooting some of the videos...

Sportsman Stock C-Main

Sportsman Stock B-Main

Sportsman Stock A-Main

Expert Stock A-Main

Modified Stock

2008.07.21, 12:08 AM
Meh, that was slightly embarassing for me. :o Thanks for posting the vids!

2008.07.22, 04:54 PM
Meh, that was slightly embarassing for me. :o Thanks for posting the vids!

You did very well for your first time racing. Keep it up and you will be in the A main in no time. Hurry by back to the race.

2008.07.25, 03:38 PM
Today is round three. We will be at All Speed Hobbies in South San Francisco. If you are in the area drop on by.

2008.07.26, 06:02 PM
Round three had 22 entries. This time we had more in the expert classes than in sportsman.

In the sportsman class Berni was the man to beat in qualifying. He put down the fastest times and was TQ for the night. In the mains he matched his best time of 8.61s. Berni was able to hold the lead for half the race until his luck ran out. While being pressured by Randy, Berni traction rolled his car off the track. Once back on the track, Berni was in chase mode but was once again out of luck, his motor wire came lose. This ended his night. David Yu gets better and better each wheel. This week he had his best finish of the series coming in second. When the dust was clear, Randy showed again why he appears to be the man to beat in Sportsman. Since the sportsman class is so big, we are going to be providing trophies for the top five in this class.

In the expert class, Leo was the TQ in both classes. TJ put up a good fight but fell short by a few seconds. Jonathan H gave his best showing in Mod qualifying second. Hernandez was leading the mod main until he lost a tire. Tj then took advantage of the situation and took the mod A main and dropping best lap of the night in the process, 8.00s.

The stock expert class was dominated by Leo. He put three laps on the field. Laymen Reid racing Mini-Z only for the second time put up a very good showing coming in second. TJ just fell short of Laymen by 0.08s.

All the results, pictures, and point summary are on our website. The finals are August 2, SATURDAY. Doors open at noon and racing will start at 6 pm sharp.

See you at the track.

2008.07.28, 12:30 PM
Videos from Inside Line Racing/All Speed Hobbies Summer Shootout Series Race 3 of 4

Expert Mod

Expert Stock

Sportsman Stock

2008.08.02, 03:53 PM
The finals are tonight at 6 pm sharp. See you at the track.

2008.08.04, 12:50 PM
Videos from Inside Line Racing/All Speed Hobbies Summer Shootout Series Finale

Congrats to all the winners and a big Thank you to All Speed Hobbies and Inside Line Racing for putting this series together.

Summer Shootout II?

Modified A-Main

Expert Stock A-Main

Sportsman Stock A-Main

Sportsman Stock B-Main

Sportsman Stock C-Main

2008.08.04, 07:05 PM
I would like to thank All Speed Hobbies and everyone that participated in the Mini-Z Summer Shoot-Out. It was one of the best series I have been apart of. Every round of the series had over 20 entries. The next one will be even better. The sportsman are getting faster and faster and are definately the class to watch. Art, thanks for doing the videos, but somehow your camera makes my driving look bad.

We will be starting a new series soon. Any input would be helpful in making the next one even better. I will have all the results up soon.

See you at the track.

2008.08.04, 08:24 PM
Any input would be helpful in making the next one even better

point series? how about endurance race or just have one big event every month/weeks etc... not everyone can attend the point series.

Also, it would be nice to have the race on a Saturday and start a little early, let's say 2-3pm? This way we don't rush on each heats and finish the race early.

Art: Thanks for posting the all the videos through out the series. That was great!

Congrats to the winners!

2008.08.05, 04:01 AM
How about a longer points series maybe 8 races instead of 4. And maybe drop the racers two lowest points of the series so a total of 6 races would be counted. Just a thought...

2008.08.08, 01:35 PM
Pics are up... Special thanks to Dalton Nguyen for taking the pics for the entire point series!