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2008.07.02, 07:51 PM
Anyone using these foam tiles fom harbor frieght i bought five packs tonight so i could try them out how ever my car is not together at the moment and im waiting on parts i went ahead and bought them because they had them onsale for 8.20$ for a pack of 4 2ft squares the pads do not have the skin on the bottom side just straight rubber. so im thinking the cars should hook up nice .. i they do im gonna buy more to make the straights 2 tile wide just didnt want to buy alot of these to find out they dont work . so if anyone else has tried these or have them lets hear some feedback .. thanks the picture of the track is my avatar.. not sure how to post a pic on here yet

2008.07.03, 09:00 PM
well guys we finished out the harbor freight tile track today and let me tell you these tiles are great traction is no problem infact we had to turn the steering down even more than we do on our local rcp track tiles go together great and stay togethere we are using the smooth side of the tiles i took 11 packs of 4 to get a 20ft by 10 ft oval 2 tile wide straights (48in) and 5 tiles wide in the curves (120in) total cost was less than 100.00$ including tax trust me its no big rcp track but our cars handle just as good if not better on these tiles i was afriad at first that it wouldnt be even close to the rcp but it is very close as far as traction and handling the only thing better about the rcp are the ready made dividers and 45 degree pieces but these are made very easy by cutting the tile we put down some border pieces to make chicanes so if any of you ever have seen these tiles and thought i wonder dont just buy them they work great although you will need atleast 8 packs minimum to build a track worth driving in my mind anything less than 2 tiles wide stinks well thought you guys might would want to hear how the tiles turn out ... the track is my avatar i cant figure out how to post pics on here and i dont use any sites like photo bucket so im not sure anyway .

2008.07.04, 07:35 AM
http://http://s4.photobucket.com/albums/y116/dragonrp/?action=view&current=101_3394.jpg picture of track

2008.07.04, 10:31 AM
That link didn't work Danny. Here it is.