View Full Version : My theorys need revising

2008.07.03, 09:22 AM
Okay... Well Faze is coming down to spend a few days with us and of course were gonna race... Now Im having setup problems...

Mainly, we'll be racing on smooth concrete and garage floor...

I have the kyosho oil shock ind need to know 4 things:

1. Should I use the kyosho oil, or team associated 35wt oil?
2. Should I use the longer stiffer spring, or the shorter softer spring?
3. I have the PN racing suspensin for the front... Soft, medium, or hard front setting?
4. For the shock cups, what size- 4, 4.5, 5?


pomme de terre
2008.07.03, 10:31 AM
Experiment and find out. If the rear ends not getting much grip, soften it up a bit and vice versa. The tires probably make more of a difference than anything else, and I find that surfaces like smooth concrete or garage floor is often dusty so a harder tire that sticks less dust sometimes provides more traction than a soft one.

Here it sounds like you have the homecourt advantage, so you might as well go beforehand and experiment to get the right setup. Or you can do it when you guys meet, its part of the fun.

2008.07.03, 12:51 PM
yea, good point... I were both running the same motor so everythings gonna comedown to setup. Im running 6 deree and 8 degree rears, and 20 fronts. My floor isnt really dusty, so ill try, just getting some input first.

2008.07.03, 01:02 PM
I always like the ATM 20/30s on the back with 30/40s in front when I ran on concrete. Like stated above, they collect less dust the harder they are, but I think the treaded tires get more side bite as well on concrete.

I also used to feel like the softer the set up, the better it handled.

Id also use the smallest limiter, to allow the most possible suspension travel. On RCP, there isnt much movement, but on imperfect, hard concrete, you need to let the suspension work as much as possible.

Good luck! I expect to see some video. Grudge matches usually produce the most exciting battles :D

2008.07.03, 05:37 PM
Yep... Thanks, and yes, video footage, lots of pics, all that good stuff... Faze is going to have to take video footage because my digital caremra doesnt like microsoft movie editor for some reason... if anyone is a computer techie, pm me!

And its not grudge, hes my cousin lol... Family competition!