View Full Version : How many FETs for new rules?

2008.07.04, 08:15 AM
Just ordered a bunch of fets to start upgrading our boards for the new motors.. I have been running my stock 3010 AD car with the new motor for a while and really think it is going to make for some great racing.

I was wondering what everyone thinks is going to be the best upgrade for the new rules.. 2x2, 2x3, or 2x4 stacks.. I plan on using the 4562s, anyone using anything different?

My plan is to put two into the AD car, and thee into my AM car, and 2 in my F1. That way, I can drive it both ways and see what differences there are between the stacks..

I have heard that two feels really good in the car, but three leaves very little throttle control, and four is undriveable.. What are everyone's thoughts on going with the bigger stacks?

Thanks for contributing..


2008.07.04, 08:50 AM
im going for 2x2 ontop and 1x1 on the bottom of my ad band cars,fets will be 3010 so i dont loose the throttle response:)
4562's ect are ok but ideally you need to match batteries,motor and fets for the best results.
the hfay motor its not going to pull enough current to warrant the use of anything other than 3010

2008.07.06, 11:06 AM
Why would you bother doing the addition of the extra 3010 FET to your AD board if it isn't going to draw enough current?

I ran my 3010 AD car last night against Dusty with his stock 3010 car. The track was small, but the cars were amazingly close in speed.. My car would accelerate a little harder than his up to speed, but not a big difference..

I would think that two 45962s would be better than three 3010s, but this will be my first FET upgrade, so I am still unsure of the best way to go..


2008.07.06, 11:18 AM
i could just put 1 layer of 4562's on it,but it would not feel the same as 3x3 3010.
4562's are too snappy for me(the only way i can describe it)not for my driving style.
my awd had way more punch than the other am cars in france:)

2008.07.06, 06:25 PM
On the contrary my friends, it is now a great idea to put the best, punchiest FETs on your board for stock. Now that everyone is running a slower motor, the little bit extra power is necessary. Throttle response is for modified cars, where you need as smooth of throttle as possible (hence why I keep the 3010's on my ASF and AD boards for 2wd mod), but on anything else, go for broke. Get the best, fastest, most ludicrous FETs available. Even better than the 4562's, now we are using 8858's. Along with the SP8M4 they are much better than anything I have seen readily available at the time.

And I am not saying go for a 2x6 of FETs either. a 2x2 (<<2x1>x2> in the case of AD and ASF) or 2x3 of FETs should be more than sufficient.

2008.07.06, 08:13 PM
Perfect “let the FET races begin” wining mosfets and stacks should eventually prove themselves on the track while the less effective options slink into obscurity. Ok not that dramatic being that skill, practice, tires, suspension and such usually come first but with enough races and time we could get glimps at how well speck sheets “stack-up” to in car performance under actual racing conditions.

Efficiency (lowest RDS-On) for the stock class where every last microwatt you can feed the slower standardized motors will help, and best control/current handling combo to tame modified motors.

For some of us tinkers a dream come true.