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2008.07.05, 03:34 PM
Thank you to all the members whom have contributed advice, criticism and support for change. due to member feedback we will be revising the forum categories to reduce the clutter if you will. please take a minute to review the changes. if you have held yout tongue, please speak up now. i'm already running behind schedule on making these changes and naturally, your thoughts are very important to us.

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if you do not see certain forums, they could be private. private forums are not listed. any forum with child subforums that move will move in their entirety.

2008.07.05, 07:37 PM
How about a custom chassis forum, right now they are spread all over the forums.

2008.07.05, 07:45 PM

here are the options as i see them;
1. create additional categories for each retail aftermarket chassis ie; tgr, gsr, proz.
2. the ask forums are being changed to vendor forums. essentially the same thing but we already have a subforum for tgr and will have one for gsr if there is not already. i'm assuming atomic has a chassis coming as well?

it would be nice to keep the vendor forums stricktly for q&a and product information vs. product discussion so i'm leaning toward option 1.

by retail aftermarket i mean a chassis that is available in more than just the manufacturers website thus a mass market item vs. limited availability customs for example.

2008.07.05, 09:20 PM
ARCH - where do you think the "custom bodies" forum/catagory will fit in?

2008.07.06, 02:19 AM
Yeah... where's the Larry forum? :rolleyes: :D

(you know I'm just jealous of your collection Larry... the only reason I harass you like this!)

2008.07.06, 07:17 PM
I just knew that i would get a responce on that!!;):p

2008.08.09, 10:07 AM
How about a catagory that specializies in peoples Mini-Z AutoScale collection? Or chassis collection?

2009.05.08, 10:14 AM
as many will notice, the reorganization has begun (a little behind schedule :o ).

so far we have:
-Relocated ask subforums to vendors, now in alpha order
-relocated chassis subforums under manufacturer, now in specifc order
-track subforums now in alpha order
-events, arranged in alpha order

2009.05.08, 11:32 AM
i'm rethinking my opposition to a subforum for 2ndary market chassis's. these would all get lumped into one subforum as they are not mass produced, marketed or sold. however this adds yet another tier of subforums which is what most were complaining about initially.

this subforum would include;
european chassis (don't know the names)

2009.05.08, 09:28 PM
Looks good Arch.:)

2009.05.08, 09:49 PM
this is what happens when your dog wakes you up at 6am on your day off:rolleyes::mad::p

2009.05.08, 10:03 PM
I'll assume this community didn't have a dedicated xmod section up until now and if thats the case- why??? I think we have literally 10 guys here who still have these/do anything with them, so why dedicate a whole section to them?

2009.05.08, 10:13 PM
there was some negative feelings that dominated this forum in the begining of xmods which made the idea of a seperate subforum undesireable. might have been the squads of newbies jumping in swearing they were a mini-z killer....

because it was asked for and because members like yourself are still working on them. :)
they are also still available as a mass market, mass produced chassis.

2009.05.08, 10:25 PM
I guess man, but I, who started this whole business with Xmods(back w/ gen 1 and then evo), say that Mini-Z are first, second, Iwavers 3rd based on their performance, and Xmods last. If their radio was compatible w/ ko or futaba, it would be a slightly different story, but fact is that its not.

2009.05.08, 10:53 PM
Ok, this it turning me crazy:eek::confused:
Where "New Products" Please

2009.05.08, 11:49 PM
I'll assume new kyosho ones under kyosho OR under general.

2009.05.09, 12:04 AM
new products is under general discussion, as are all general mini-z topics are now located.

not sure what your asking skv012a:confused:

this format was posted and opened for discussion July of 2008...

2009.05.09, 12:07 AM
Found it:).

2009.05.09, 01:01 AM
Wasn't asking anything, just posting my guess for tuner.

2009.05.09, 09:04 AM
there are very few new subforums infact. they are simply relocated.

2009.05.10, 11:19 PM
new products is under general discussion, as are all general mini-z topics are now located.
really wish that the "new products" thread would stay open... kinda hard going through the general discussion thread just to look for a topic pertaining to a new product... :D
just my opinion...

2009.05.11, 08:37 AM
good insight... it's currently in a holding pattern (general discussion subforum) until non active subforums are collapsed. then its contents will move back under the general heading.

2009.05.12, 12:36 AM
thanks... :D another thing it will do is to help us know when the product was actually released (more or less like a release date)

2009.05.12, 04:02 AM
Hi there arch2b
A change/improvement many of us would appreciate is the possibilities of been able to “edit” on those threads that editing is not probable, as New Products thrad, for example.

In many occasions, we want to add something we forgotten to write or correct an error or misspelling.

In my case, I do make many spellings errors and only notice them when reading what I wrote after I post it.

Thanks in advance for your kind attention & comprehension to this mater.:)

2009.06.13, 06:37 PM
ok, as clearly evident to those whom were awake this morning, posts and forums have been restored to pre 5am status so there may be some minor loss of posts after 5am this morning however it's nothing compared to the colossal fubar that was the forum post 9am this morning with every post ever created in a single subforum.

please pm/email me if you have lost track of a thread or require one be moved.

fyi, either late tonight or early tomorrow morning i will be re-editing the forum categories, the right way this time:p

my apologies for causing some confusion this morning.

2009.06.13, 06:39 PM
also, can you guys double check the edit option and let me know if you still can not edit your own posts and or if this is happening in specific forums as the general settings have been checked. :)

2009.06.14, 12:09 AM
congrats for surviving the reshuffle. it's been a hell of a day for me thanks to my snafu this morning however we are back on track minus a few posts that were lost this morning, between say 5am and noon.

i will be consolidating seldom used subforums as time allows. i managed to complete 2 already.

everything for the most part is still here. if you can't find something please let me know and i'll provide whatever assistance i can.

brief summary:
1. several subforums were brought to top level categories as they are more important and worth highlighting. these include; vendors, tracks and gtg, events. 1/28 scale chassis was created to move the manufactured chassis subforums into a top level category. even tossed in an aftermarket subforum for you guys as i got several requests for that.
2. some forums were seperated for clarity such as, off topic, marketplace, mini rc, etc.

PLEASE continue to post your feedback. my job as top moderator is to make sure we provide and enjoyable experience as much as possible, within our means to do so. i can't hand out free mini-z's, as much as i would like to but i can help with forum related issues.

enjoy :)

2009.06.14, 11:56 AM
I haven't looked at differences but there appears to be repetitious threads rolling in similar sub forums...is that user based error or is it forum based eror?

I think I figured out where it's going wrong...

"vendors" subforum tracks all the open vendor catagories now so when someone posts in a specific subcatagory it also lists the thread in the "vendors" subcatagory...it's like having two routes to the same thread.

2009.06.14, 01:11 PM
can you point to specific examples? i did not duplicate anything but i did move posts from some subforums to another. there may be a small chance that redirects were left which can be removed by any moderator.

2009.06.14, 02:46 PM
Well, it's not so much a forum error but it's a sort of a visual repetition:

When you click on "vendors" as a forum catagory it directs you to the sub forums for Atomic, GSR etc but since they are all expanded onto the main page now if someone posts in one of those sub catagories it visually comes up in that expanded catagory and as a new post in the Vendors forum catagory.

It's happening in all (what used to be) main subforums now that all the subforums are expanded onto the main page. A post in a thread in "new products" comes up as a new post in it's catagory and in "general 1/28th discussion"...

I don't think I'm being very clear but that's really the only way I can describe it...the sub-catagories are expanded to the main page yet are still located in their sub-forum locations.

2009.06.14, 05:52 PM
ahh, ok. i see what you mean. i'll have to brainstorm with david as to why that is happening. we upgraded the vb software at the same time so it could be a bug in that or a setting i need to check, etc. thanks for letting me know:)

Old Crow
2009.06.22, 09:14 PM
Are the forums staying this way, or is it still being looked at?

2009.06.22, 09:37 PM
what suggestions do you have? nearly all of the current changes were member suggestions :)

Old Crow
2009.06.24, 04:40 PM
Wow, Ok, I actually liked it better right before these changes were made, there were fewer categories to look at on the first forum page. This is frustrating and too busy to look at. Obviously, this is just my opinion, I just find myself dreading looking at all of it, I'd rather navigate myself to where I want to go.

2009.06.24, 04:49 PM
the flip side to that argument is that members complained they couldn't find x or y and didn't know where to go. we have to strike a balance that will be acceptable to the majority.

i plan to push david to change the forum index so that all forums with subforums are displayed like 'kyosho', such as vendors and tracks and GTG. this will reduce the page scroll required to view the entire index yet still show all the subforums. it's an obvious change that some will not like or be used to but i'd like to evaluate it none the less.

Old Crow
2009.06.24, 06:49 PM
I totally understand arch, can't please everyone, your just going with the majority. Thanks for the update.

2009.06.24, 09:27 PM
Its way cluttered, can we get it back to the way it used to meaning clubs and stuff were all sub-forums, not actual forums?

2009.06.25, 08:29 AM
i'm hoping the new way subforums are displayed will make it less daunting.

clubs subforums under tracks forum. this was pulled out of general discussion as it's become one of the most active forums thus deserves more prominence. it will remain this way until our next period of evaluation.

2009.06.30, 10:55 AM
I don't think we need a category for the Lit since nobody seems to race theme or anything. I've been watching the Lit thread for a long time and it just sits there. I feel the Lit can be deleted.
I just noticed something. Why is the Dnano, which is 1/43 scale, listed under the 1/28 scale category?

2009.06.30, 11:19 AM
it's there as documentation of it's existance at this point. i am not going to delete manufacturer cat, just because it doesn't get a lot of traffic. if there were the case, xmods, iwaver, catamaran, and several others. would all be candidates for the chopping block. the information contained in those is worth keeping, if only for reference. does it take up visual space, sure. is someone going to ask for it later, you bet. always happens. as soon as you move something, someone asks where it is, even if it's years old.

i am open to collapsing cats under general discussion. to be clear, the posts will remain, just moved to another cat. i do not delete any posts. they simply get moved from one place to another. these were created MANY years ago for the most part.

2009.06.30, 11:52 AM
It's almost like cleaning your room or worktable. When thing's are a mess, we tend to know where a certain item is, even though it look's like we can't find it. As soon as we clean it up, organize thing's nice and neatly, that's when we tend to LOSE items! Now where did I put that thing? It was here a minute ago!

2009.07.05, 08:25 PM
I'm not dissing the work arch and the other had but since I disapeared to what I see now it's just a really confusing index. :confused:
Don't get me wrong, I wasn't here to witniss the members requests.

2009.07.05, 08:32 PM
i understand the confusion, change is often confusing at first.

in reality, this site now matches most of our other sites format which in a sense makes it more normal now than it was before.

we've had it the same way for so long that any change can easily offend.

take some time, see if it grows on you. know that there is always room for change however.

2009.07.05, 11:28 PM
First off. I don't want to offend anyone. I appreciate all of your efforts on here to create an environment for racers and hobbyists to hang out and share experiences. I am merely providing feedback related to how I view and use this site. There is many categories on the home forum page now. It is a lot to load especially in a mobile browser. So much so that I have had to avoid using the Edge iPhone connection to surf the site lately, and must resort to the DSL. I have commonly seen a number of the location based categories filed under the main "Regional Clubs". Maybe create a high level category called "Regional" or "Geo" with all the individual local groups, tracks and get-together' nested under that main header. That would condense it quite a bit and clean up the forum homepage. In its current configuration, it is a lot of scrolling to get to the marketplace now, for example.

2009.07.06, 09:24 AM
changed one value in one setting and now all the subforums are listed differently which condenses the index significantly. i don't have to scroll to see it at all anymore myself.

let me know if this is too much...

Old Crow
2009.07.06, 02:34 PM
changed one value in one setting and now all the subforums are listed differently which condenses the index significantly. i don't have to scroll to see it at all anymore myself.

let me know if this is too much...

I like this better then the way it was the last couple of weeks or so.

2009.07.06, 02:39 PM
good to know. i think when you see it this way you can get a better sense of the organization and hierarchy in the format.

2009.07.06, 07:37 PM
I'm very pleased with the new setup, it's very easy now. ;)

2009.07.06, 10:19 PM
changed one value in one setting and now all the subforums are listed differently which condenses the index significantly. i don't have to scroll to see it at all anymore myself.

let me know if this is too much...
I am really digging it now Arch. Thanks for taking our feedback seriously. I realize you can't please everyone but I think by taking sensible and constructive feedback and tailoring it to what you and David have in mind you are able to tweak the site to the liking of the majority.

It is much easier to navigate and page loads are much faster. Are you seeing less of a load on the server now?

2009.07.07, 09:04 AM
i know people think feedback just goes into some black hole, never to be seen but we do listen and we do act on it when possible :) my job is to make mzr as good as i can for you guys. if it doesn't work you you, it doesn't work for us.

good or bad, always feel free to share your thoughts. if bad, in a respectful manner please;)