View Full Version : Simulation of motors & gearing

2008.07.06, 01:27 PM
I decided to use the data from AtomicMods website on motors and put together a simple acceleration model for the Mini-Z. I've ballparked a lot of parameters and put together my first simulation. The first chart shows a comparison of 3 different motors using the same gearing - Kyosho Stock, PN Speedy07BB, and Atomic StockR. The second chart shows the Speedy07BB with different gear combinations.

Here are the vehicle parameter (estimated):
weight: 200 g
tire dia: 24 mm
drivetrain efficiency: 95%
Cd: 0.29
Af: 3050 mm^2
CGH: 25 mm
WB: 94 mm
Rear weight bias: 55%
Track friction: 1.4

Just wondering how accurate this is!