View Full Version : Finally Got some of my handy work in

2008.07.06, 03:24 PM
Well i got bored of mini-z and not long since i got back into them and to keep me at them iv started to do some work

Here is the exhaust is cumin on


Pic of the front


Side View


Thanx for lookin

And i am looking for a bracket for my exhaust aney ideas keep me informed

2008.07.06, 05:29 PM
First, that exhaust it HUGE... are you going to sink it into the body more?

As for the mounts, cut and bend a paper clip, and make a small loop for it to mount onto a screw on you chassis, and then bend the paperclip into the position you want it, and hot glue, tape, etc, the paperclip into the exhaust.

Heres a pic of what it should look like when its done:

2008.07.06, 06:14 PM
You know, I think TopCad and GPM made some exaust pipe's for the MR01 Mini-Z's and 3Racing has one for the AWD. Not sure if anybody made any for the MR02, probably not since most of the MR02 bodies already had theme built-in.
Don't even know if you can find those exaust pipe's anymore though. Oh, I think Megatech had their own too.

2008.07.07, 01:04 AM
But why do you need to buy one when you can make them easy enough :)