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2002.05.26, 08:54 AM
I have found several programs to be used like a Lap Counters, but I havent found anyting talking about the hardware neccesary to insert data to the PC.

Please, anyone have information about the circuit and the hardware necessary to make it?.

Thanks a lot.

2002.05.27, 05:26 AM
I posted a very simple schema for parallel port timing system (should be found when searching with "lap counter"). You can figure it out yourself if you take a look at slotcar timing systems. Just use laser and photo resistor (my schema)/ photo diode pair as a switch. I have been using http://users.skynet.be/bk274532/ but there is other. The pin configurations may vary. I use this because it works well with Win2000. I am also making (maybe finishing it at fall) microcontroller based system and it is easy to do a piece of software to place timing data for this software.

There is really no need for schema. Just put a photo resistor between data pin and ground pin and point a laser to it. when car with flags in right hight passes, the prallel port is triggered and time is calculated in computer. Since windows is messagebased system, it is not very accurate system, but it is quite good.

2002.05.27, 11:28 AM
You might find this site helpfull Lap Timer (http://www.hoslotcarracing.com/LapCounter.html) , I used the section on the Joystick interface, and the parallel interface. Now I tried using the IR LED's but they would not transmit farenough and were not cohearant enought. So I used what most everyone else uses, cheep laser pointers, and powered them off the joystick port for a 10 Ohm 1/2 resistor. Works very well.

2002.05.27, 11:32 AM
I am using that program as well, only thing is the color choices that they made for the ZOOM display were not very good. I have a 17" monitor suspened from the celing in my track area for racers and spectators but its quite hard to read at any distance. I have been in corispondance with the author and hoping he can either change the colors of the diplay or add a custom color configuration to the program. So in the meantime I am using the Lap counter software from this site. It has a nice BIG and bright display that racer can see just at a glance.
Lap Timer (http://www.hoslotcarracing.com/LapCounter.html)

2002.06.04, 05:52 AM
that can be bad thing. I have used it in about few meters away
form me and it looks ok in my laptop screen, but from far away it could be bad. but since It had nice opportunity to make plugins that was my choise. I have tried that laptimer but I think it had some problems in win 2k.

2002.06.06, 08:20 AM
I'm new(ish) to the Mini-z scene, but come from the slot car side. I have written some software, which has been around for a while which will work with mini-z.

The software will handle upto 8 cars simultaneously and upto 64 in any one session. Works in Win 95,98,NT, Win 2000 and XP.

check out www.i2mnet.com for more details. If you need any further help, just drop me a line.

2002.06.07, 04:02 PM
Cool, thanks for the link, and welcome to the Forums!