View Full Version : RC De Go!

2008.07.07, 06:48 PM
Its for PSOne, i play it all the time, pretty badass if i do say, and i do say.:cool:

2008.07.13, 09:57 PM
Great game if you can find it.

2008.07.18, 05:34 PM
i put it on my psp, good to go

2008.07.23, 11:52 PM
What? How do you put it on PSP?

2008.07.31, 06:30 PM
psp custom firmware, very nice. if you have one i can help you out with it. PM me

2009.01.11, 01:48 AM
to put it on the PSP do you need to own the full version for psOne ??? or can it be copied over?

2009.01.12, 03:18 PM
You just need to have the disk, disk image, or pre-made psp eboot. Most people still make the psp ports themselves, but alot of people upload pre-made ones as well. For an uncommon game, you'll be better off quickly making your own port. PSP-hacks.com boards have plenty of guides.