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Tim Johnson
2008.07.07, 11:19 PM
LOL, don't ask, because I don't even know. LOL

Here is a pictorial of an adventure of one DNANO...LOL

Starting at 0330pst one DNANO will take an adventure half way across the country. Starting from Los Angeles California, and ending in Lincoln, Nebraska.... Enjoying a week in Lincoln Nebraska, then headed back to its home in Los Angeles.

2008.07.08, 01:21 AM
Can't see any pictures.:(

Tim Johnson
2008.07.08, 05:53 AM
Time to leave for the flight...LOL

2008.07.08, 07:23 AM
LOL, don't ask, because I don't even know. LOL

Awesome! :D:D:D

Action B
2008.07.08, 12:47 PM
What? you not going to drive it across america? :D

2008.07.08, 12:58 PM
^ I guess he's just taking the KT-18 with him. The flight is necessary; after all, he'll need something fast to keep up with the dnano :D

2008.07.08, 05:16 PM
So where is this going?

Tim Johnson
2008.07.08, 10:33 PM

These images are of the Dnano leaving LAX, flying over the California desert, the Rockies, and Denver, CO.

ok, I will use the last two digits of the attached images to help describe the images......

74; waiting in line to be strip searched and checked for granades and tanks on your person....LOL

78, Nicely seated at a window seat. :)

80; WOOOHOOO!!! its the California desert!!!...OH wait, there is nothing out here...LOL

82; ahhhha. Much better, the rockies. WHAT THE!?! They are not blue!?! The picture on the can lies!!! (ok bad beer joke)

84; Welcome to the mile high city!! If you look close you will fine the Broncos Stadium.

2008.07.08, 10:38 PM
WHAT!? You flew over my home state and you didn't stop by? You know I now have an RCP track, we could've raced! LOL! Cool man! Did you race the Dnano in the airport while waiting for your flights? I would've.

2008.07.08, 10:40 PM
Or how'bout driving it up and down the airplane's ile's? :D

Tim Johnson
2008.07.08, 11:01 PM
85; woohoo, welcome to Denver. Please keep your seat belts fasten for our 1 hour long taxi to your gate.

86; o .. o .. o .. Breakfast with the DNANO. Waste of time, don't get tickets. The DNANO can not play the gitar worth squat...LOL

87; Here is the crop duster that gave the DNANO a ride from Denver to Lincoln, Nebraska...LOL Welcome to the land of the corn!

88; ahhhhh, kick the shoes off, and releax. :)

90; Enjoying the view of downtown Lincoln, NE.

Tim Johnson
2008.07.08, 11:06 PM
91; ahhh 9pm at night, and finally we get to sit down and eat. :)

Tim Johnson
2008.07.08, 11:12 PM
94L; Getting to know the Dnano with Aki Suzuki, Prez of Kyosho. :)

2008.07.09, 08:25 AM
very cool, did he talk about dNaNo US release dates?

2008.07.09, 08:34 AM
I don't think that information will be known to us for quite some time. I wonder what people around the airplane and audiance thought of when they see you "playing" with this tiny litle car. Did anybody stop you and ask about it? Wonder what the stewardest's thought.

2008.07.09, 12:54 PM
Man, those things really fly!

2008.07.09, 01:23 PM
:D good one.

:rolleyes: Just hope it doesn’t crash!

2008.07.09, 02:58 PM
Hey Tim, try to get us some inside scoop since you have the Prez of Kyosho with you. I'm sure many of us would like to know why Kyosho has chosen to market the dNano in such a "unique" way.:)