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2008.07.08, 07:42 AM
Well, with the 4th taking one of the four Fridays this month, our choices are fairly slim; I can't make the 25th, so, can everyone do the 11th and 18th? I usually can't do Sundays, but I could do the 27th as an add'l makeup (or F1? :D) day if needed. :)

Carlos, have you been able to get the Giro-Z working, and can you make these dates, as, that's kind of the most critical factor right now! :)

2008.07.10, 09:27 AM
So, the lack of replies implies to me that no one wants to race this month? :confused: I know that not everyone who attends replies to these, but, if I don't see at least a handful by the end of the day, I'll go ahead and cancel the 11th. :o

2008.07.10, 11:17 AM
I can do both the 11th (may be a little late due to Ann Arbor's Rolling sculpture car show) and the 18th. Might be down for the Sunday GTG but would most likely have to bring my son too... Oh yeah, and he's gonna want to drive everyone's cars.

2008.07.10, 02:05 PM
I can do all days

2008.07.10, 05:16 PM
i cant race this month to many things at home to do this friday and next friday my wife and kid come home i havent seen them in a month so see ya next month

2008.07.10, 06:37 PM

Before you buy anything you should come and check out the Dojo. We have a few guys around there who really know what is the deal. Also the dojo happens to be the best stocked online mini-Z store as well ( shop.tinyrc.com ) with really great prices. Believe me I'm cheap and I always look for the best deal no matter what I'm buying but all my miniZ stuff I bought there. (And it is fun to mess up Dave's inventory, when you order online then change the order on raceday then pick up something else and forget to pay for it for two weeks - OK I never did that all at once ;)). Anyways come check out the place. I bet the guys can help you to get a competitive setup.

2008.07.10, 07:56 PM
I'll be there tommorow.:D

2008.07.10, 08:09 PM
i cant race this month to many things at home to do this friday and next friday my wife and kid come home i havent seen them in a month so see ya next month

Short, you don't want to use both of your drops right away - what about that Sunday!? :eek:

2008.07.10, 08:14 PM
Hey everybody.

I was wondering if there are any requierments for somthing like this, where it is, and if i could come watch or even participate.
I am completely new to this, I will be buying my first Mini-Z in about 1-2 days, if there is anything I should know before then PLEASE let me know.

I was thinking of getting either a Mini-Z Racer Ferrari F40 MR-01RM, or a Mini-Z Formula One Ferrari 2006. From this website http://www.shopkyosho.com/index/410.0.25389.

Thanks in advance!

Mike - the requirements are $10 (if you race) and a willingness to have fun! It's all very laid back and everyone helps each other out etc. I will post an official thread tomorrow w/ more details, but, check out any of the old threads for directions etc., the only difference is the date (which is Friday, 7/11):


DO NOT BUY ANYTHING until after tomorrow. The site you link to is a fake store - nothing listed is in stock anywhere - those orders just get farmed out, a good deal of them to us in fact, and all you do is a) pay more but more importantly b) wait a week and a half instead of 1-2 days from us or right there and then if you come by tomorrow to pick stuff up. Forget the F40 right now - awesome body, but you're not going to race an MR-01, and like I said, it's not really in stock anywhere and hasn't been for years. Everyone at tomorrow's event will let you try out their cars, so you can decide if you want an F1, and AWD, or a 2WD after trying each instead of picking the wrong thing from the wrong place and waiting 2 weeks for it never to arrive! :) ;) :cool:

2008.07.10, 08:15 PM
yea, i have done some research on this. but im sure it would be a good thing to check it out. where is it? is it online? or is it a store? thanks again.

hang on i might be stupid........

shop.tinyrc.com is "dojo"?

http://mini-zdojo.com <- our racing club

http://shop.tinyrc.com <- our shop

http://mini-zracer.com <- one of our many community sites

See you tomorrow! :)

2008.07.10, 08:19 PM
I'll be there tommorow.:D

Coo, it's on (like Donkey Kong) for tomorrow for sure then, 7pm as usual. Has anyone been able to track Carlos down? I'm ultra busy all day tomorrow, so if a couple of you can see if you can get a hold of him to a) get him to come and bring the Giro-Z w/ him, or worst case b) just pick up the Giro-Z from his house (Dan, maybe you could do this?) that would be great (otherwise us 2.4 guys are going to be getting 0 laps)? Thanks guys! :)

2008.07.10, 08:37 PM
Hello guys! I have been quite busy taking care of the family and some personal matters.

Tomorrow, I will be coming to the Dojo but a bit late. Can't make it early.

The 18th should be ok with me.

2008.07.11, 04:35 AM
nope cant sunday. sunday is Lazer

2008.07.11, 12:42 PM
Oh yeah, Sunday the 27th IS Lazer points... I cant make it that Sunday either. I will be there tonight though!

See you all then!

2008.07.12, 09:09 PM
so what did i miss? did the new cars work good? are we using a new timing system?

2008.07.15, 03:00 PM
This Friday we should be ready to go. We will be pushing to run a tight schedule and try to finish early. Please be there on time.


2008.07.18, 07:21 AM
Guys, please indicate in the official event thread whether you are attending and what time you plan on arriving - we're going to have to be quite militant about the schedule tonight - if you're not going to be there by 7-8ish, let us know so someone can be charging batteries for you etc. and you can just jump right in when you get there.

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