View Full Version : Got a Monster, Does it have a Servo Saver?

2008.07.14, 02:44 PM
hey guys,
just got a monster a little while ago and its a ton of fun, probly the most fun of all my 1/28ths. Does it have a servo saver? I see you can get them but does it have one stock? thanks

2008.07.14, 03:12 PM
Yes, they have them in there stock, its much like the overland if not one in the same, they make aluminium ones as a hopup. though I never bothered becuase mine hasn't broken, and I find adding almuminium in the steering box tends to bind.

2008.07.16, 09:12 AM
I have never had any binding issues with my MZM, and it has a complete alloy front g'box alloy s/saver and tierod/knuckles.Most binding issues i have read about usually involve the GPM front gearbox casing and not the servo saver itself. A lot of MZM owners with the alloy GPM front box only use one half of it,to avoid binding issues.
I guess maybe then i'm just lucky to not have any issues with it.(it certainly cant be down to my skills as a builder!) lol