View Full Version : 2.4 GHZ F1 Conversion question.

2008.07.15, 09:03 AM

Will the 2.4 GHZ MR02 PCB fit he F1 chassis without any modifications? I transfered all my car to 2.4 only one remaining is the F1. I just dont feel like pulling the soldering iron out :D.

2008.07.15, 09:45 AM
I don't remember if I had the 2.4 AWD board or the MR-02 when I did mine but from what I remember it was straight forward easy to do. actually one of the easier ones w/o mods. the servo wires are longer so I think I used an AWD board on it.

2008.07.15, 12:16 PM

by ruf.

2008.07.15, 05:47 PM
Use an MR-02 board. The switch wires need to be 1 inch longer and the positive power wire needs to be 1/4 inch longer. The negitive is ok. You will need to put some small spacers under the shock mount to lift it, plastic wheel bushings work well. The steering wires are ok.

2008.07.15, 06:18 PM
Finally got around to writing a tutorial... It's been a while, so I'm rusty! :p


2008.07.25, 01:09 PM
Great, thanks everyone I just got another MR 02 LM 2.4 that has the name of my F1 :D.

After this...My work is done. All will be ASF :D

2008.07.26, 12:55 AM
:D<-----that smile is for...it is done the transformation is complete. Just finished the F1, now all my miniz's are ASF :D