View Full Version : DOW Racing, July 20th...

2008.07.15, 10:27 AM
We'll be running this Sunday, still the larger layout but without the elevations. If you're planning to run HFAY with us, I highly recommend coming to get your car tuned out before the 27th because we will be running F1 and Racer class then, and there won't be much time for tuning that day.

We will of course be running Thursday nights the rest of this month, so there are some tuning opportunities there as well.

Either way... if you're going to run HFAY with us, get the motors you need... and get your gear together because if you show up without any clue as to what's going on on the 27th, you can just head right back out the door! :D

2008.07.18, 03:43 PM
ill be there (possibly with morgan) unless something comes up If i bring my micro T along can some one check it out its actin realllll goofy

2008.07.19, 01:23 AM
If Carl shows on the 20th, we might be running HFAY. (Carl, Larry & me). Schedules are kind of crazy this month for everyone, but to get these guys pointed for the first month this may be the only way to accomplish this. Sincs Larry and Carl are probably not running F1, we'll just knock out our racer class on the 20th. Gasman, Anarchy, Quinny & I are going to run our F1 class and they are going to run their racer class on the 31st of this month (a thursday night).

Nitromare, If you are interested in a season of HFAY, we'll set up a racer heat for you and Morgan. Not sure who else is planning to show that day, but maybe we can get them in your heat as well. Gasman or one of us can run as a filler for your races.

Once again... if anyone else is out there interested in running HFAY with us, please let us know ASAP so we can get you set up! You can miss 2 races out of ten if you can't make it out the first month.

Carl... not sure if you talked to Larry yet about Sunday, hope you can make it then! :D