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2008.07.15, 03:32 PM

I am looking for roughly 1/12 scale RC construction vehicles, like excavators, cranes, front end loaders, dump trucks, etc. I know NKOK sells some items, but not all of what I am looking for, and I would prefer to stick to one scale. I found one manufacturer called Hobby Engine in China that makes 1/12 scale stuff, but cannot find any U.S. dealer who sells the products.

Does anyone know where I can get either the Hobby Engine vehicles, or vehicles made by another manufacturer here in the U.S.?

I also know about gardentrucking's site, but their prices are wayyyyyyyy out of reach for me at $5000 to $6000 per vehicle.

I was looking to spend about $150 per vehicle.


2008.07.15, 09:52 PM
wish i could help... i remember seeing some pics from an exhibit somewhere... can't remember if it was on these forums... not sure if kyosho made them...
but i do remember seeing a bulldozer, dump truck, and backhoe...
can't remember what scale they were in too.. hope you find what you're looking for... and hope that somebody else can help...

2008.07.16, 10:37 PM
just looked at the kyosho 2008 catalog (jap ver)

page198-199 reveals 1:50 scale electric powered irc construction vehicles

hmmm... i take it that irc means infra red controlled?

komatsu pc1250-8 (backhoe) price 14,700yen approx 140 usd
komatsu d575-3 (bulldozer) price 14,700yen approx 140 usd
komatsu hd785-7 (dump truck) price 12,600yen approx 120 usd

pics to follow...

2008.07.17, 12:31 AM
more info...

2008.07.19, 05:25 PM
do want:eek:

2008.07.21, 11:43 AM

Thank you very much for the information! I will look into these. I just hope that Kyosho will support these with spare parts.

2008.07.21, 12:09 PM
I just found out from the Kyosho America website that these IRC construction vehicles are available for sale only "overseas". So, I now need to find an importer here in the U.S., if there is one :(

2008.07.21, 09:11 PM
bleh... that's sad to hear...
you could try some japanese online hobby shops....
i've had some dealings with r c c h a m p try emailing them...
c h a m p _ i n t e r n a t i o n a l @ y a h o o . c o . j p
good luck :D