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2008.07.16, 02:28 AM
Phillip/PN staff:

We are having problems with the ANIMA motors on our AWD mod cars. It seems that 2x4 4562's is not enough for this motor. We have tried this on an AM,AD and now my ASF. It melted the plastic brace on top of the motor on my AWD and this is less than 8 mins of runtime on a battery that was charged a day before and the amb temp earlier today was 70 deg which is perfect weather... This happened with few of our drivers and I even saw this post, http://minizracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=26910. On the last post they even mentioned problems in Spains regarding this motor on their AWD.

Solution... maybe?
Can we run the Xeric motor? The motor that was used at RCX? Xeric seemed fine with the AWD cars or maybe you know a way to where we can prevent on blowing our fets with this ANIMA motor.


2008.07.16, 03:02 AM
Try gearing down... The Anima is a motor for the 2wd with tons of RPMs and no torque. Typically, I run this motor with a 7 tooth and a 42 spur in my 2wd and in an AWD that would be like running 17/29 or even lower.

if you over gear this motor, you will BAKE your car as YOU did TJ...-

BTW, FETs have nothing to do with your car melting down... :)

2008.07.16, 03:03 AM
What gear ratio you use? in the AWD car, the first important is Gear Ratio, if you use match the motor gear ratio, you have not any problem, same as Europe drivers, in this year PNWC, all regional use same layout and same kind of motor, so we can put in to world ranking to see the result.

we use Anima II, not Anima Motor.

I recommend you try 17/31 gear ratio.

2008.07.16, 03:06 AM
I beat you Philip!

2008.07.16, 06:02 AM
I broke two Anima 2 and baked my car with 17/31 gear ratio in PNWC of Madrid.

2008.07.16, 10:51 AM
I was running 17/29.

...we were thinking that fets must not be enough so we maxed it out to 2x4's ;).