View Full Version : mini-z vs dnano video

2008.07.17, 03:22 AM
found a dnano and a mini-z video...
pretty quick... but i kinda think the mini-z was taking it a bit easy...

2008.07.17, 07:22 AM
Thats was a cool video. You can clearly tell the 02 wasnt pushing :D When he wrecked and got left, he caught right back up. Im still totally impressed with how well the dNaNo took those high speed turns. It looks real stable and nimble. This is the first ime Ive actually seen one race.....I think I want one now :D

2008.07.17, 07:02 PM
its funny how after looking at the dnano for so long, the mr02 looks a lot bigger :eek:

man those look like fun

2008.07.18, 12:35 AM
yeah, that dNANO pushes like crazy or the driver forgot to ease off the throttle... Looks cool but I doubt its as much fun as mini-z.

Thanks for posting the vid Herman!

2008.07.18, 01:41 AM
Try one you might be surprised, from the looks of the video that Porsche is running bone stock right out of the box, I doubt it even has ball bearings yet alone tires and an upgraded motor. One of the things I like most about the dNaNo is that it makes a 2xW-L feel twice that size, another is that they are drivable right out of the box. We finally got a chance to put 4 on the track at once, in a way they where both easier and more challenging to race than a Mini-Z all at the same time.

For fun on a large track with good drivers and dialed in cars I would agree that the Mini-Z still wins the blast to drive race contest, but on a smaller track with your average weekend warriors I think Iíll take the dNaNo. Could just be the novelty of something new but we had a good time on a small track with a mixed group of drivers while our Mini-Z sat idle. One thing that surprised me was that a couple of hard core larger scale driver who have more than once expressed their disdain for Mini-Zís after trying the dNaNoís out said that finally here was a small car that they would buy.

2008.07.18, 05:19 AM
As already said - The Z was holding back, big time!

2008.07.18, 03:31 PM
A little more work on the dNaNo and it wouldn’t have had to hold back. Oh there is no doubt a good Mini-Z should always win a race on a track that size, with the right driver that is, its bigger so should be more stable if not always faster. But take one directly out of the box and try to keep up with an equally stock dNaNo on an RCP track that size and see what happens.

Sure add tires, a little suspension work, and a motor to a Mini-Z and it will always be faster, just like having a Z try to keep up with a dialed in Scalpel or XRay on a three tile RCP track.

But it's the fun factor that is in question, and so far in my opinion the dNaNo is off to an impressive start.

2008.07.19, 11:36 AM
I'm having a blast with my hopped-up Dnano and find my stock Dnano kind of boring so will be upgrading that one as well. I actually enjoy the Dnano alot more than my Z's on my Mini96 track. The 96 almost feels to tight a fit with my MR02's.

2008.08.01, 03:51 PM
here's a vid of dnano vs. F1 i shot the vid just now...

2008.08.02, 07:51 PM
it looks like a yellow cat chasing a yellow mouse!

2008.08.24, 05:18 PM
here's a vid of dnano vs. F1 i shot the vid just now...

First, great home track layout!!
Ok, were can I buy one in the US of A???
Please post the specs of the dnano, as well as the FI

2008.08.24, 11:51 PM
it's a shop actually :), the dnano is completely stock...
as for the F1:

kyosho balldiff
2 degree knuckle
0 degree tie rod
PN S07 motor
9T pinion
Hard spring in fornt (not sure what brand)
Front PN20 rear PN8 tires

p/s: after installing xspeed motor on dnano, the speed reach up to 35km/h on the dyno.

2008.09.28, 06:19 PM
great song on the first vid :cool: