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2008.07.17, 01:18 PM
Lets try to keep this thread for general Hobby shop information!!!

Today Jim got in a very nice selection of F-1 parts for inventory. He also got some of the new Nissan 350Z bodies along with a couple readysets

The F-1 parts include: Bare chassis. Carbon fiber suspension plates. Tie rod sets. Front spring sets. Tires, both 20R and 30F. Wheel sets. and I believe a couple of the small parts sets. If F-1 popularity continues the inventory will grow to match it.

See everybody at the track

2008.07.18, 08:05 AM
Do you know if he got anyF-1 motor pods if so, I will take a ride!


2008.07.18, 09:35 AM
I didn't check for PN parts. I just happened to be there when the Kyosho order was being unpacked. I will probably be out there again this afternoon so I will check and respond. Or call and talk to Jim or Robbie after 12.
1-800-357-5298 or 704-855-2940

2008.07.29, 02:27 PM
Do you know if he got anyF-1 motor pods if so, I will take a ride!


PN rear pods for F-1 now in stock at HSH

2008.07.29, 04:38 PM
Check PM amigo!

2008.09.16, 02:32 PM
High Speed now has in stock F-1 white bodies. Also in stock are the new Orion 750 SHO batteries. Pn 70 turn motors should be on the next order.

The lap countimg computer has been replaced and should be ready to run on Thursday.

2008.09.30, 02:59 PM
Just arrived: PN 70t motors, PN LCG-V3 motor mounts, Wide Track front end, PN tower bar kits and 2 degree front spindles.

Now in stock from Kyosho. K20 rears for F-1, Kyosho stock replacement front spindle's and Kyosho -1 degree aluminum front spindles as well as more K30 front tires and some K20 fronts for F-1 as well.

There may have been some other things but that is all I remember.

2009.01.14, 01:22 PM
Newest shipment is in from PN. Plenty of tires on hand. A good assortment of toe bars the new high clamp force T-bar mounts plus spring sets. Low down and standard fronts. Ceramic dif sets, carbon fiber T-plates and the newest 70T motors. A few white bodies and Pan car bodies. A shipment from Kyosho could be in by race day. F-1 parts and an assortment of Kyoso rubber for both F-1 and 02.

2009.02.04, 11:56 AM
If all goes well the latest PN shipment should be available for Thursday nights racing. A sufficient number of GiriZ transponder harnesses should be ready for purchase for those of us that are making the run to the Riviera for the March 7th shindig. 70T motors were back ordered but should arrive by beach time. Rim tape and 96mm t-plates should also be available. I'm not sure what else was on the order but I will try to do better next time.

2009.02.24, 04:17 PM
A PN order went in today at High speed and as usual it should be ready for this Thursday. Some of the new PN parada RR1106 radials were ordered along with some complete damper plate systems for 94/98 as well as the usual items that we all go through.

A Kyosho order came in today also. For those of you making the beach trip and running the LM class that didn't get tires they are back in stock. Also in the order was a good selection of ASC's. We now have the new Xnavi GTR's, more of the new Mazda 787's two versions of the new Ferrari 430's. Both competition and street models. I am not a fan of the pasta wagons but they do look really nice. We got a couple more of the Aston Jet/Alliance models as well. Still waiting for the Mclarens in ASC and all the new white bodies.

See everybody on race day.

2009.02.24, 05:24 PM
Mike, Ill try and remimber to drop you an email reminder tommorrow, but could you grab me one of the white (test body) F430s and bring it down to the beach with you? Thats a body Im going to have to try out, as Im hoping its a replacement for my over-worked 360.

2009.02.24, 06:14 PM
Done deal.

2009.05.12, 06:55 PM
A nice shipment from the big K arrived today. A mixed bag of new and backorders. We did get a couple of the 10th anniversary chassis in. I scarffed one so there is one left. Pricing for the chassis is $149.95 retail. Plenty of tires. F-1 front and rear also both slick and radial K20's. Kyosho hydraulic shocks are back in stock along with carbon side plates and chassis for F-1. We got one Nissan 350Z GT 2007 white bodies and some autoscales including a new Ferrari 430 in different livery plus more of the ARTA Honda's and a couple of the re-released Mclaren Ueno-Clinic units. There is a plethora of the Aston Martin Jet Alliance bodies as well as a good number of Mazda 787's and Porsche 962's in KH and LH We have 900 Orion batteries as well. See everybody on Thursday.

2009.05.12, 08:05 PM
Grab me an F 430 and put it back for me PLEASE!!!!!

Jay :)

2009.05.21, 06:30 AM
An order from PN has come in. It wasn't a huge order. It containes mostly items that were requested by the individual racers. The aluminum 9T pinion that Cris wanted. The 64P gear set that James wanted and so on. Jim did get one of the new PN front end assemblies and a set of the different springs for it. There were a couple of the Speedy AWD VIII motors and 70T motors. There were some other items also but for the life of me I can't remember what they are.

The new F430 body that I spoke of last week is not a 430 at all. It turns out to be a 360 GTC. Sorry. I never claimed to be fluent in Pasta.

See everybody tonight.

2009.05.21, 09:08 AM
Thanks for keeping this thread up Mike :D. I think it's very helpful to both the Racers and HSH at the same time :cool:. I picked up the 64p gearset yesterday afternoon. See everyone tonight.


2009.08.12, 06:42 PM
New shipment should be in and stocked for tomorrow. Shipment includes; LCGV4 98-102 pod, LCGV2 94-98 pod, complete pn front end, optional camber control arms and spring set. 64P gear sets light weight dif shaft and the new super light weight dif shaft. 2* steering knuckles and full front spring set. Adequate 70T motor supply is on hand as well as other motors and tires. Both Kyosho and PN. We still have a good assortment of tower bars both upper and full sets as well as various other knuckles and toe bars. Also DPS sets and plates plus hold down washers and damper plate posts.

See everybody tomorrow

2009.08.26, 06:07 PM
A couple of new things came in yesterday. There are a couple new Gulf/ Aston Martin ASC's and a GTR-35. Some of the new Kyosho LM front bumpers are in along with a couple of stock LM motor pods.

See everybody tomorrow.

2009.09.23, 06:13 PM
Haven't been by the shop in a couple of weeks. What's new? Still looking for some Murcielago ASCs.

2009.09.23, 06:34 PM
We have a good supply of most everything that has been selling as well as what may be needed for the out of towners here for the race. Murcs have been on the out of stock list for the past couple of orders. We will keep trying.

2009.10.04, 12:18 PM
Flipside is loaded and somehow I stumbled on the process to load data onto the tags. Of the ten tags I had ordered one wouldn't scan. I loaded three for myself two for Pedro Two for Wade and one each for James and Rodney. I have run a test race and they all seemed to pick up properly when hand passed over the loop. Interestingly enough there is a name call out for fastest lap and personal best lap while the race is running. I also obtained the instructions for moving the data from the generic tags over to the CORE software. That part will take someone with much higher computer skills than I have. In the meantime we can run it from flipside and manually sort the mains.

I will order more of the tags tomorrow. I will get 50 of the small tags and 10 of the next size up for the F-1 cars. The F-1 size tags fit perfectly onto the battery door. The larger size should provide a little insurance that they will record. If anyone thinks that we should have more let me know.

2009.10.04, 12:38 PM
Sounds great Mike :D! I definitely want at least one for each class we run (stock, lemans, and F1). So, let me know what I owe and we'll settle up :cool:.


2009.10.04, 08:06 PM
Great! That's all we need! Rodney's name getting called out every 15 seconds for fastest lap! Can you make the computer say "Hey Rodney your fly is down" or something like that during a race?

Seriously, good news, look forward to trying them. When the new ones come in I will take one for every car. Thanks...

2009.10.04, 10:24 PM
You better stop and speak with Vicky. I was by there later in the afternoon saturday and she made it clear to me she isn't 100% sure she wants to change. Andy and I were talking up the core system but she is concerened about buying another system. We need to sit down with her and get her decision.....

2009.10.05, 09:04 PM
For what it is worth even though I personally own a core system. I think the AMB is a far superior system. There is a reason why PN and Atomic are not running core systems at there events.

I have personally experienced laps not counting. At my office track, our event and others. I think it happens more frequently than people realize. If you normally lap the field by 5 to 6 laps it doesn't really matter.

I think that it is great that we are learning the Core system and what not, especially for big races. It is very convienient to give out transponders for bigger races. I just think AMB is a better system. It's like going from a digital TX to a stock KT-5 in my opinion.

I do not deny it is very useful for larger events, unless we are planning to have more frequent large races then I think we are wasting our time and confusing things.

It seems to me that we had a solid group racers that have AMB transponders. Last year around this time there was alot of changing of this and that.

The biggest change that I could tell was we lost a bunch of racers!

I know that sociological theory states that in order for the smooth workings of society to continue we must go through conflict and change.

I don't think this pertains to guys racing MINI-Z's. I think we should worry less about timing systems and more about keeping momentum going with this thing.

How can we get more people interested in the sport?

I know one things for sure. Let's get this worked out quickly so as not to interupt the FLOW of good times and great racing!!!!!!!!!

See you all soon,


2009.10.06, 12:02 AM
Damn a philosopher.....

Your probley right Jay....

2009.10.06, 10:09 AM
Here, here :D!! Speak it brother, speak it :cool:!!! Jay, Jay, he's our man, if he can't do it...............................uh, anyways :p. I'm with the Mad Mexican, teammates to the end :eek:.

MWG Racing :cool:

2009.10.06, 10:14 AM
So who formed MWG (middle-aged white guys) Racing and what does it take to join?

2009.10.06, 12:16 PM
Upon Jay and I entering the upcoming Reflex Endurance race @ Myrtle Beach, we were informed that we must have a team name :confused:. Actually, this is probably the first time either of us have been on any kind of team where we weren't either the last one to be picked, or we were the only one on the team :eek:. So, realizing that many would probably follow in our footsteps and try to join forces with us, we knew we had to have a name that could stand the test of time (and also had to be easy to remember). So, after much careful consideration and pondering, we decided to form MWG Racing :cool:. For those of you wandering, it stands for Mexican and White Guy Racing :D. I know, it's cutting edge isn't it? Now at this time we aren't taking any applications for newcomers :(. But, we are working on a new application process to be revealed in the near future as we told Christian :rolleyes:. We figured everything had to be ready to roll so we could handle all the applications in a timely manner. I just didn't think it would be fair to keep everyone hanging with hopes of joining MWG Racing :p. Just to let everyone know, there will be a five page essay on what got you started in Mini-Z racing and a thorough background check. You can also expect a lengthy hazing process followed by a probationary period :eek:. But Jay and I both agree that with all that MWG Racing has to offer, it would be well worth your time :cool:. I'll keep you posted on the status, thanks for the inquiry :p.

MWG Racing

P.S. Rodney, Wade, and Pedro have been banned from ever becoming members.

2009.10.07, 08:36 PM
Marwan if you are truly interested in getting the ball rolling with the application process you must first agree to several team mandates:

1. You must never beat James or myself. If you stay in the B bracket this shouldn't be a problem.
2. If you have an opportunity to pass us don't.
3. If we have an opportunity to pass you, pull over.
4. If you have an opportunity to take out an opposing team member do it, even if it means disqualification, damaging your car and or hopefully the car in question (Particularly Rodney, Wade or Pedro).
5. You must carry our gear to and from our vehicles before and after events.
6. Your gear is our gear.
7. Our gear is not your gear.
8. You must share all speed secrets with James and myself even if you have been sworn to secrecy.
9. Never question James or myself in public, in private or anywhere.
10. If you need to ask how much the processing fee is, you probably can't afford to be a member the most exclusive Mini-Z team in the country.


Jay Vasquez
Putting the M in

MWG Racing Incorporated

2009.10.08, 11:05 AM
Only room on the scooter for two!

2009.11.12, 11:32 AM
Got a few things in from Kyosho that we have been wanting especially T-plate sets. Got some front F-1 springs and a couple of bumpers. Sorry. No 03's yet. Pn part selection is quite good right now. I think there are some of the super lite weight dif shafts as well as aluminum T plate holders.

See everybody there.

2009.12.02, 03:16 PM
OK boys and girls. The 03's are in. We also got a couple of Lark McLaren ASC's along with a good supply of 962KH white bodies and LM wheels for both the Mazda and the Porsche. We also got some Ferrari 430 white bodies along with one of the Megane Renualt's just for giggles.To compliment the 03 we got in some T-plates and optional front springs from PN. Aluminum dif shafts are back in stock along with the high clamp force T-plate holders. We have stocked a full set of the new PN option wheels and hubs that can be used on either the 2WD or AWD chassis. We picked up a selection of the new PN locking spur gears as well as F-1 bumpers plus K20 and 30 slicks and one each PN F-1 motor pod and a 94-98 LCG V2 pod.

See everybody tomorrow.

2010.04.14, 07:42 AM
The PN aluminum upper arms in both 0 and -1 degree settings as well as the low down knuckles for the 03 are in stock. There is a fairly good supply of DPS kits and parts from both Kyosho project246 and PN on hand as well. 64P 12T pinions are back in stock along with the super lite weight dif shafts from PN.

If you have a request for the stocking of an item then please see me at the track on Thursday so I can get it on the next order.

2010.12.17, 08:46 PM
The motor cans that everybody wanted along with a couple sets of thin Neo's some 19mm wheels and Don's balls are all in stock. The screws for james and the rest of the stuff that everybody needed as well. More goodies from Kyosho should be there before X-mas.

2010.12.18, 07:56 AM
Lookin for a PN lower arm kit, silver, in stock?

2010.12.18, 09:10 AM
I think so but will check and verify. MR3052WS correct?

2011.03.15, 02:26 PM
Will have bearings and wheel nuts in both nylon and aluminum back in stock for Thursday. Ordered 11T pinions and spur bearings as well as a full compliment of the new 128P pinions and spurs. Only got a limited quantity so if you are interested you know the drill. The specifically requested parts all showed in stock so they will also be available.

2011.03.31, 08:51 AM
Currently inventories are in good shape but there are a few items to be carted for the next order.

If there is anything specifically needed by next week please bring a list with you this evening so I can get it in the order. Part numbers would be appreciated.

Marwan. I spoke to KoA yesterday and had them add to the US stocking list the items that you found numbers for. Should be available here soon. Although there are some reported logistical issues so far no shortages or glow in the dark items have been reported.

Daddy Rabbit
2011.03.31, 09:54 AM
What type (brand) motor spray do you guys use at HSH?

2011.03.31, 10:08 AM
The Reedy stuff. Performance 3 I think it is. The Cup race site carries it as well.

2011.05.17, 01:29 PM
The old timing system shipped out and the new I-Lap system is on the way. With luck it should be on hand for Thursday along with the new transponders. Hopefully Jay got word through Marwan to bring his just in case. I will have the new bridge ready.

See everybody on Thursday.

2012.03.20, 10:23 AM
Our inventory is near an all time high but there are a few things that are needed to maintain the "Box Stock" class. Mostly items foumd in the various small parts packages that "K" puts out. T-plates come to mind. It appears that to get an MR-02 plate you have to get one of the various pod kits. For the 03 you get it in with the tie rods and knuckles. If there is anything specific that anyone needs then please write it down for the shop or write it down for me for Thursday.

If there is anything specific PN that is needed the same holds true. We will get an order ready for next week so let somebody know.

The regional is closer than we think so make sure you have enough wheels and such as the rules don't have a lot of room for some parts other than PN. Especially motors and components.

2012.03.29, 09:57 AM
We have gotten everything in that was requested from PN is available for pick up this evening if you haven't gotten it already.

We got a decent supply of the necessary bits to keep box stock exactly that. The only thing that comes up on back order was the LM difs and K30 front tires.

The shop got a call from "K" saying that items were back in inventory so Jim said fill the back orders which means that everything should be available in time for the regional.

2012.03.29, 10:10 AM
Thanks Mike..

2012.06.13, 08:15 AM
Putting together an order for next week. If there is anything specific that is wanted or needed have a list ready tomorrow night at the races and I will get everything in the various carts.

2012.06.13, 09:08 AM
Will you check and see if Jim got in the digital lipo cutoffs. He told me they should be in this week

2012.07.20, 12:18 PM
Does anybody in the group still have AMB transponders that they are willing to part with? If so see Jim at the store.

2013.10.22, 09:01 AM
Getting ready to make an order. Our crop of "noobs" has generated a need beyond what we normally have.

Everybody make up their list and have it ready on Thursday. We will have everything by the following week.

Make sure you have your Kyosho specific lists as well. We are missing some of the more popular white bodies as well as some other things such as 4th gear for the servos. Adding the 98mm box stock cars will surely generate some not oft used kibble. Most of us have odds and ends but you never know.