View Full Version : Xmas in July but chicks still love a Ferrari

2008.07.18, 01:59 AM
And it’s not even my birthday.

Except that my wife comes out to the track with refreshments so I show her the new Vodafone McLaren and say “it's so it purrdy I almost hate to open it” and she’s trying to be all supportive but I can tell something’s wrong, when I finally coax it out of her she points to a 2005 Ferrari and says "I like this one." Have to face the facts, even if it’s a F1 chicks love a Ferrari.


2008.07.18, 10:18 AM
So'd you get both?

2008.07.18, 10:44 AM
I bet it's the red she likes. Women love red sports cars and I don't think most of theme know the difference between a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. Dont' get me wrong, there are a lot of women who DO KNOW the difference, just saying most dont'. But red is a very popular color and I think that's what most women love, is a red sports car. You know, to go with their lip stick!

2008.07.18, 02:03 PM
So'd you get both?
Not exactly, I've had it for awhile my track is sort of an unofficial LHS for the Island I keep a couple of spare ready sets along with wheels and such available just in case someone lol or I, need one. So I took the Ferrari off the shelf for the photo.

Agree they like the red, lol she said so, but just like a diamond in a Tiffanies box she new it was a Ferrari because of the and I quote “adorable little horsy.”

2008.07.18, 02:32 PM
Typical woman's description isn't it? LOL! Anyway, kind of wish I didn't sell my Ferrari F1, but oh well. Maybe I should look into getting one of those chromed job's instead.

2008.07.18, 04:05 PM
Chrome and some lap counters do not mix ;)

2008.07.18, 09:36 PM
I don't have a lap counter, so no worries there! LOL!