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2008.07.20, 01:33 AM
Not true-to-life RC racing, but great fun nevertheless. Revolt! was awesome for its day. Even now it's still fun for an older PC game. Quite a few mods for it - custom cars, custom maps. Definitely worth a look!


2008.07.21, 04:26 PM
Hehe, I was a pretty big name in the RV community back then. Love the game, the AI takes some manual coaxing to be any good but the weapons are so fun. :D

Is there still an RV community online? I left when the main hub site went down.

2009.01.11, 01:50 AM
I still like RC Pro Am

2009.01.18, 11:21 PM
It was also an xbox live game when they were first doing the beta. Too bad it never saw wide release on the console.

2009.02.28, 02:29 PM
I still play it today, it's probably the only old game I have that can still run on WXP. ;)
A few years ago I made a few true life replicas of some of the cars featured in this game, I was going to film a live action but the guys that were driving them backed out and I got stuck with it. :(
After a long time I sold them but I still want to do the live action but don't have so many people to drive the cars, it sucks.
Good classic to remember! :D