View Full Version : MZ303 ASF CB F1 Install w/ISC Access

2008.07.20, 04:00 PM
Since the last thing I needed was another Prefex I went with the MZ303 ASF CB for my F1 install, everything pretty much straight forward, using the F1 CB switch with its longer wires and the longer F1 positive (red) power wire, everything else stayed on the 303 ASF CB, except that I did switch the direction of the negative battery wire. The pot and servo motor wires remained untouched.


Only problem was that I want to use the ICS plug and the rear shock tower gets in the way so even though it was a royal pain it the tail pipe to unsolder I moved the plug over to the old crystal holder with a small drop of CA to tack the plug to the chassis then RTV to protect the bare pins/wires and hold it in place, holds the connector nicely but will be easy to remove if needed.

Probably not needed but for finishing touches I added a drop of RTV to the switch and power wire connections to prevent any possible shorting to the shock tower and filed out a notch for easy access to the binding button.

2008.07.20, 04:42 PM
very nice install, and moving the ICS port to the old crystal location is dare I say GENIUS !!

Great job, now I know what I'm going to do with mine when I finally get around to converting my F1....

2008.07.20, 05:35 PM
Nice work!

2008.07.21, 03:01 AM
Originally installed the ASF CB on a back-up chassis but I soon swapped parts with my favorite F1 and wow, for me at least, more than any other Z the ASF CB is a must have in an F1.

For anyone unfimiliar with the ICS controls here is a quick discription of the settings:

GAIN: Min, Mid, Strong (default).
Increases strength (power) of servo signal. The higher the gain the more the steering servo resists position change from outside influences.

SPEED (operational speed of the servo) Slow, 2, 3, 4, or Fast (default).
The higher the number the faster the steering servo movement.

PUNCH: 1 to 10 (default)
Reaction time of the steering servo.

D.BAND (dead band): Narrow, Mid, Wide (default)
Narrows or expands the extent to which the steering servo does not react to outside influence.

DUMP (damping servo stops) Over (default), or Smooth
Smooth causes the servo to slow to a stop as it approaches the apparent intended steering position so that it does not go over or past that position. “Over” causes it to stop after it reaching the apparent intended position.

D.FREQ (motor drive frequency) 5kHz, 2.5kHz (default) or 1.2kHz
Edit: Throttle motor drive frequency. At 5kHz decreases torque but increases runtime, 1.2kHz increases torque but decreases runtime.

NUTRAL (throttle neutral) Narrow, Mid (default), or Wide.
Width of neutral throttle trigger territory.

V.INERTIA (imaginary inertia control) Strong, 2, 3 (default), 4, or Off.
Decreases the drag brake effect. With V. Inertia turned “off” because of a Mini-Z’s light weight the motor and drive train drag can cause the car to skid to a stop when the throttle is released, especially with neo magnets and small pinions. A “Strong” V. Inertia setting simulates the roll through of a much heavier car.

Manual USB comm. port number selection. (default is OFF)

2008.07.21, 05:06 AM
the only thing that is wrong is the drive frequency. The higher the drive frequency, the smoother the throttle and longer run times. The lower, the more torque and shorter run times...

2008.07.21, 12:26 PM
Fixed it thanks.

2008.07.21, 03:52 PM
You know LBRC, you do such fantastic work I'm begining to worry about you. Isn't being a genious like your selfe boarder line to insanity? LOL! Seriously, you do amazing work with electronics. I wish I was good with that stuff. I'm more into mechanical work than electronic's. Mechanic's for me is easier to see and understand than electricity.