View Full Version : Need a new charger, Any suggestions???

2008.07.20, 08:54 PM
I ruined my Lacrosse BC-900, so I have to buy a new charger. Is there a better charger on the market that could out-perform the BC-900???
I basically had no problem with the BC-900, but if there is some thing out there better, I will like to know about it.
Thx in advance for your comments and suggestions.

2008.07.21, 06:11 AM
Very tough to beat the LaCrosse on any count. Price performance or ease of use. The batteries that come with it aren't bad either.

2008.07.21, 06:18 AM
******MAHA Wizard 9000*****
i wouldnt use anything else for basic duties:cool:

2008.07.21, 02:03 PM
^ What I use too. I dont have experience with other 'good' chargers, but I love this one :D

2008.07.21, 04:23 PM
lacrosse: cheap, compact, easy to use.

2008.08.18, 02:56 PM
lacrose is a good choice so is the mrc super brain 977,you can charge two packs at once at different amp levels

2008.08.18, 03:22 PM
Well I think this is got to be a sticky. I came on here wondering which batteries charger to get. This answered my questions pretty quick. Also the deals I saw online rock. 38 USD and it comes with four AAA and 4 AA. Ok they are 100 mha but it is a great start.