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2008.07.21, 10:52 AM
i got my mzm a couple of weeks ago and since then i've spent my time adding lots of alloy hop-ups. unfortunatly the alloy ads a few x-tra pounds and the litte beast is starting to slow down. i guess its time for a new motor. in some time i will probarbly go for lipo, new fets ana "killer-engine" but i'm studying in another town, so this is only my holliday toy :p

therefor i think i will just go for a easy motor-upgrade this summer (already spent to much money aswell :p).

i've read a lot of posts on the forum, but i am only getting more confused. i'm thinking of buying a x-speed or a atomin ar30 stock motor.

my questions are:

1) will i be able to feel any difference from the stockengine (my fellow is getting quite heavy)

2) can i do this upgrade without touching the fets or any other electronics/turbos etc? and will it still drive safely. I dont think my mzm is 2.4ghz if thats got something to say

3) can i fit those engines in the standard motormount?

tnx in advice :)

2008.07.21, 02:53 PM
the atomic ar30 seems to be alot better than the xspeed from what ive read you dont need to upgrade anything like the fets for this motor it will run on standard electronics and fit in your motor pod. the 2.4ghz you mention is digital which means no interference your mzm runs on am so you might get some interference. i dont think anyone has done a conversion yet

2008.07.21, 03:03 PM
ok. tnx for answering. i am from norway, and i was wondering about the 2.4ghz because a norwegian website were selling a x-speed motor made fore 2.4ghz mini-z. the add says that the motor requires minimum 2 pairs of 3010 fets (which apparantly is standard on the 2,4ghz models). is this another x-speed motor than tha one i should use?

and just to be 100% sure. i can not do ANY damage to the electronics with theese two engines, even if i run 2 or 3 sets of batteries without cooling down inbetween?

thx in advise :)

2008.07.21, 03:40 PM
is this the one Kyosho MZW301 X-Speed V Motor for 2.4GHz. if it is then no fet upgrade required. i know the 2.4ghz does have two sets of 3010`s it sharpens the steering and power delivery if you were going to fit the 2.4 you would have to extend the potention metor wires the ones in the front gearbox that goto the the little round thing at the front ive ran mine through a few sets of batterys with no problems but you should let it cool down

2008.07.21, 03:51 PM
yes it is the Kyosho MZW301 X-Speed V Motor. but i think i will go for the atomic ar30 stock. ordering it tomorrow :) how fast is this motor compared to the kosho stockmotor? almost my whole mzm is alloy :p i really need to do lipo and fets next holliday :D

2008.07.22, 03:46 PM
When I went over from stock to an ATM stock I felt like the car doubled in speed (allthough it was probably more like a 30-50% increase). You wont get that much difference as youve got a heavy beast. You will notice a significant difference though, as this motor will have more speed and gobs more torque to push your heavy rig around.

2008.07.23, 01:36 AM
i can't wait to get my hands on it then :D hopefully tha atmoic will arrive today!

2008.07.24, 05:53 PM
got my atomic motor yesterday. what an magnificent drifference! just love it :) thx for the advices