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2008.07.21, 07:14 PM
Hello there. I have made my own disc-damper using a black fiberglass material, Mini-Z spring, a screw, and two washers. Came out looking pretty nice and work's quite well. There is less hopping now then before the damper.
I've posted pictures of my work under TinyRC in the Dnano threads.
I'd thought I would post a video of it in action for you here. You can see how much smoother the car is around the turns, and at the end of the video I show you how the disc damper works.

2008.07.22, 03:51 PM
Pretty cool. Im glad you are enjoying your dNaNo. Your disc dmaper looks very well put together. The only complaint I have is the size. With that small disc you dont really need the plate big enough to cover the motor :D

2008.07.22, 04:56 PM
Thank you hrddrvr. Remember, it's only a prototype, I'm sure the next one I make will be better. I think the size work's well, I could trim the sides a bit though.
Man am I one stupid person. I took the Dnano chassis with me down town to look for the hardware needed for it. I could only find the tiny screws for mounting the plates to the car, and the washers. However, the washers are not nylon, they are black metal. I also could not find the center screw needed for mounting the washers and the spring, however I think I've got a few left at home.
Anyway, dumb ass me, I got home, got distracted sorting out my laundry, and forgot the Dnano was in my pant's pocket. Needless to say, the Dnano got tossed in the laundry. Fortuently, I HOPE, I caught it in time and it look's okay. I took my air compressor and dried it as best as I could. I'll have to let it dry a couple of day's before testing it. I sure hope I didn't ruin it. God I feel so stupid. Good news is the battery was not in place, but, still dont' know if the electronics will survive. Let's hope so.
Good thing I've got two, except, my Murcielago was the one that started to quit on me whenever I hit the wall. THIS one was my GOOD ONE! STUPID, STUPID, STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!

2008.07.24, 05:47 PM
Well, after two day's of letting it dry, the car still works perfectly! How'bout that!?!

2008.07.24, 11:38 PM
Wasn't in there too long? :confused:

Maybe a good idea to clean it with some isoprophyl just in
case. :p

dds looks like it needs some bigger plates?


2008.07.25, 11:51 AM
What is isoprophyl?

What you mean bigger plates, the washers? The trick is finding a washer that's outer diameter is big enough to cover the slot, and with an inner diameter that's just the right size for the screw. These are after all prototypes so nothing is perfect here. Maybe I can sell the idea to PN?

2008.07.29, 10:27 PM
isoprophyl is a type of alcohol used for cleaning stuff. ;)

2008.07.29, 10:50 PM
Thank you for the info.