View Full Version : is the monster retired?

2008.07.24, 05:51 PM
it seems to me like many shops is selling out their mzm's and also parts. is this cool little fellow retired?

2008.07.24, 06:29 PM
I don't think so. Perhaps you're looking in the wrong places.

2008.07.25, 01:04 AM
hopefully you're right :) i just can't find either gpm rear alloy gearbox or kyosho oilfilled dampers...

2008.07.25, 04:34 AM
RCX Mini is where I get my Monster GPM.

2008.07.25, 05:27 AM
you wont find any alloy rear gearboxes,i've been looking for one for about three months now.GPM are apparently currently making more and should be available soon.

2008.07.28, 10:21 PM
is the monster retired?
kyosho still has it listed on their 2008 catalog... so i don't think it's 'retired'...

generally i guess it depends on some factors...

like where you are (geographically) and how much interest there is within your area...

and if your local hobby shop is keen on keeping these items in stock - if such an interest exists...

gpm is based in h.k. (usually visit their shop when i'm over there)... i'm not too keen on monsters (inspite of having one - just got one to see what they're all about) and what kind of parts that are available for them... but i guess that gpm does make some parts for the monsters...

fortunately i will be going to h.k. this aug. and find out what gpm is up to...

2008.07.29, 09:50 PM
Their newest body the Baja Beetle should tell you that their still making theme. I wonder if they'll be available in 2.4GHZ. I'm completely rebuilding mine peice by peice.
Just found a ton of red alloy bit's for the monster, still looking for the rear gear box cover.