View Full Version : New unpainted F1????

2008.07.25, 10:00 AM
MFB103 is the part# As usual I do things backwards and bought 2 listed on ebay for 60 bucks each and then did a google search and found them listed on Kyosho america for 25 bucks. Anyone else seen this?

2008.07.25, 10:22 AM
Well I've been taken again. Turns out Kyosho does have a new unpainted F1 out and the guy on ebay is tryin to get F1 nuts like me for an extra 35 bucks on impulse buy. Be advised

2008.07.25, 01:29 PM
Yup, Kyosho America re-released (or actually finally got) the F1 white bodies. :D

2008.07.25, 02:49 PM
Saw these for sale on a couple of Japanese hobby websites earlier today.. A couple of people that I race with have been wanting some of these for a while now.. Here's a pic.

2008.07.25, 03:02 PM
We can order them and get them up on our site if you guys want them.

2008.07.25, 03:05 PM
I guess I better buy them now before they run out..lol

2008.07.25, 03:51 PM
Went to my local HS and tried to order within an hour of this thread posting and they are already out of stock. Our HS put a half dozen on backorder.

Joe, if you can get them please do so. I'll pre order immediately.

2008.07.25, 05:32 PM
We can order them and get them up on our site if you guys want them.

I'd like to buy a few of these white F1 bodies at some point, for sure. Stock 'em, please!

Do they produce replacement white front & rear wings, by any chance? Or do they only make the full bodies?


2008.07.25, 05:33 PM
ILR have had that for weeks already... call them up.


2008.07.25, 05:54 PM
I just spoke to Kyosho about an hour ago and they are completely sold out in America.

2008.07.27, 08:09 AM
Turns out the seller on Ebay is a good stand up guy and has given me a partail refund to make the pricing proper. Relief!!!

2008.09.09, 06:19 PM
Back in stock at Kyosho. Ours should be in later this week. Who loves you guys?

2008.09.09, 07:25 PM
Well, glad you F1 guy's had your day, how about us Murcielago fans? :D

2008.09.26, 10:09 AM
Thanks for the info, we now have them for our racers as well..

I can't wait for my new F1..