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2008.07.25, 10:03 AM
I wondered if these will work with the Kyosho 2.4s, but it sounds like they may just work with Futaba receivers.


Of course, I'm fairly sure I won't be spending $500 on a radio anytime soon! :eek:

http://www3.t o w e r h o b b i e s.com/cgi-bin/wti0001p?&I=LXTHR6

2008.07.25, 01:35 PM
Haven't tried it, but it won't work. All 2.4ghz work on the same frequency but have different protocols so it's the same as the modules and receivers from different brands don't 'talk' the same language. Even the KO 2.4ghz regular module/receiver doesn't work with the mini-z module...:confused:

2008.08.05, 12:05 PM
Sweet, man thatís a beautiful transmitter.:eek: