View Full Version : Mr-015 setup help

2008.07.26, 02:00 PM
I just picked up a used Mr-015 that I'm going to be using on a new RCP track and was wondering what camber should I get for even tire wear?

2008.07.27, 11:02 PM
i use 0 because they flip easy and it makes the rest of the car easer to setup

2008.08.12, 09:01 PM
2 degree camber knuckles work best 4 me, even tire wear and hasn't flipped yet.

2008.08.21, 11:05 AM
If you add camber you will add front grip ...

Maybe too much ... :( too many steering ... rear will flip front :(

Maybe perfect ... :)

You've got to try before if you want to add or remove front grip !!

2008.08.26, 11:45 AM
More camber will give less front grip as you enter a corner. I like 1.5 - 2d camber. I have tried 3d, and it is just a little too much. With 0d camber, there is too much grip entering the corner, and rollovers happen a lot when entering the sidewall of the tire is the contact patch. 2d camber, the contact patch of the front wheels is smaller as the wheels start to turn, and in the inside of the tire. Which will allow it to push a little as it enters the corner, then the contact patch gets larger as the suspension loads. More camber = slower response in steering, not necessarily less steering.

I usually start with 1d knuckles and add camber as needed. I like the PN white springs, and go through a lot of tires to find what works. What works on one track, may not work on another. So its really trial and error to find what will work on your track.

On my transmitter (KO EX-10) I lower the steering speed, which makes it much smoother entering the corners. I keep the recentering higher. Right now I am working on my 2.4ASF 015, where the servo is much faster than the older 015 servo, which is why I started lowering the steering speed.