View Full Version : 2.4 Ghz AWD Chassis/Bearings

2008.07.29, 01:12 AM

Just got my 2.4 Ghz AWD chassis and KT-18. Amazing how much better than my previous XMod Evo that thing is!
Now my question: I wanted to retrofit ball bearings and got the Atomic bearing set for AWD. Put in the bearing at each wheel, but there already seemed to be pre-installed bearings on the driveshaft? Is that normal when you buy a chassis kit and remote seperately?

Pictures to follow...

Bye, Frido

2008.08.04, 03:58 PM
My 2.4 Chassis set came the same way, makes sense to me. That shaft has to spin fast...

2008.08.04, 06:51 PM
Now I just have to figure out what to do with the additional bearings.... are they the same size as on the MR02?

Bye, Frido.

2008.08.06, 07:21 PM
I am using my extra shaft bearings as belt guides on my good ol' Micro RS4, I found a good use for mine...

I went to my Local Hobby Shop today to run my Mini-Zs and to my surprise they finally had a bunch of 2.4 Modules and I finally have mine. I popped a used Supra body on the 2.4 AWD chassis, read the instructions on how to bind and did it. I ran it stock for 2 sets of AAAs and it was great. Amazing steering, I loved it! Now I have to set it up to go fast.

2008.08.07, 11:15 AM
My only comparison so far has been an MR02i that I got cheap, so the ASF AWD shurely is a step up...:-)

Bye, Frido.