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2008.07.29, 03:25 PM
Ok... I remember hearing bad things said a while ago about certain types of F1 knuckles not performing real well. Well, I'm pretty sure I found the type I was warned about. I'm sorry if there is another post out there about these but I feel they are so poorly engineered, another post is well-deserved! It's rare I do reviews on anything, but once again I am motivated by dissapointment.

The Atomic F1 knuckles SUCK!... no doubt, the worst part I ever bought for a car in a while. They don't slide on the kingpins worth a crap, and even after a very long sanding and polishing session last night, they still don't function even an 1/8 as well as a set of stock knuckles. With such a long wheelbase, and so little movement on these F1s, you need something that's going to move as fluidly as possible and these aren't even close to that (if they even move at all!) Also, the axles are too damn short! My wheel nuts don't even thread up to the all too necessary nylon locking part! What's the point of an alloy knuckle if the wheel won't stay on?!?!

Wow... they missed the mark on these bigtime! (I wonder if they even tried these before they distributed them?)

Well, here's a link to them if you need to see them:


(sorry for linking the competition on here)

2008.07.29, 04:39 PM
I'm glad you posted this as this is the next thing i was going to get for my f1.
I s'pose the next q is which ones are the ones to get? as i really only use the f1 for HFAY what would the general recommendation be?

2008.07.29, 04:59 PM
I use to have Atomic knuckles as well and I didn't like them much either, although mine moved ok on my kingpins. Like you, the threads for the wheel nuts are too short and the other thing I noticed about mine were that they had a lot of play with my tie rod.

I have changed to Kyosho knuckles and it solved both my problems. Kyosho is really the only way to go for the F1 IMO:D

2008.07.29, 05:16 PM
(sorry for linking the competition on here)

imx, I'd understand if we didn't have a pic on our own site:

Atomic F1 Knuckles (http://shop.tinyrc.com/product.php?productid=17815)


Regardless, we have the Kyosho in stock also:

Kyosho F1 Knuckles (http://shop.tinyrc.com/search.php?mode=search&by_title=Y&by_shortdescr=Y&by_fulldescr=Y&including=all&substring=kyosho+f1+knuckle)

and, as w/ many items, for less than anywhere else. :)

2008.07.29, 05:20 PM
I've personally not experienced any issues with these knuckles but then again, my car still spins.

Has anyone tried PN knuckles?

2008.07.29, 06:25 PM
I agree, I have the kyosho knuckles and they work great.

2008.07.29, 08:18 PM
Has anyone tried PN knuckles?

I don't think that PN offers knuckles for the F1 as of yet, maybe they will in the near future?? As far as the Kyosho F1 knuckles, I use the 0 degree versions and I love them, very smooth without much play...

2008.07.29, 11:50 PM
Ok...The Atomic F1 knuckles SUCK!...


I thought I ran into a bad set a while back... Just to add... Atomic's f1
diff sucks too...

I've recently switched to all kyosho knuckles. No problems with them on
the 02 or the f1s. I only had a problem with one k set and that was because of the +3N on the 02.

Should be fixed shortly...


Dusty Weasle
2008.07.30, 03:50 AM
I've had the same set of Kyosho Alum Knuckles on my F1 for a few years now and they are still smooth.

2008.07.30, 09:42 AM
I too have a set of Kyoshos on my other car and they move very easily. I think the set I tried to replace with these Atomics were old school GPM knuckles, and they took alot of abuse (about 3 years) until the axle stripped out of one of them.

For now, I mashed the threads a bit on the very end of the axles on these Atomics so the nut would kinda cross-thread into a locked position. I then put some tiny steel wheel nuts on there and they're holding for now. I also reamed the heck out of the delrin inserts inside the Atomic knuckles so they would at least move. They do "move" now... but they're still sticky, they don't really start working until great pressure is applied. I ran the car a bit last night, and sure enough... it's running like it has a major tweak now. I would guess that what is happening here now is that since the front isn't operating, all the work of the suspension goes to the rear. It's sliding out and also has an intermittent weird push once in a while.

All said and done, they're going in the trash! (next time, I'll just use a $20 as kindling for a campfire and get some real use out of it) :rolleyes:

2008.08.20, 10:45 PM
You could put flip the wheel nuts so the nylon part is in first.
Run the nut the normal way first on an axle to form the threads on the nylon. Use an axle long enough to make sure the axle threads stick out past the whole nut. (Might have to do this without a wheel on). Then carefully (until the nylon has a nice cut shape of the threads) put the nut on with nylon part in first. Tighten as usual without binding the bearings.

2008.08.21, 01:28 AM
The tiny steel wheel nuts I put on that night still haven't come loose so it's working so far. Last time I ran it, it seemed fairly decent and consistent around the corners. I removed the delrin inserts in the knuckles and reamed them out a bit more though. There is a ton of slop in them now but they work, although I now have probably somewhere near 3 degrees of sloppy camber on the front of it now.

I did try running the wheel nuts on backwards when I first tried the knuckles out, but they just kept unthreading themselves after a few laps.