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Hotwheels Hobby
2008.07.29, 04:36 PM
WOW!! Two full pages in one day. We are excited to have all this race hype going on & very lucky to have a great bunch of guys come into our store to have fun.

All of your posts are read & discussed, but our focus this week is going to be giving Dave G's last Thurs. night a good one. We encourage everyone who has had the pleasure of dealing with him to come on in race hard & have fun! We do not want to see anyone stop racing any class!!

Hot Wheels Hobby is having another BBQ night this Thursday so bring your appetite & let's celebrate our last week with Dave G. :)

Hot Wheels Hobby goal is to make sure everyone has fun racing. We will be committed to continuously improve our racing program. All of your feedback from these forums assist us in our process, so thank you!!