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2008.07.29, 08:21 PM
Hello there. A few months back I got a Monster truck as part of a trade. It was the 50th anniversary with the chromed body. Body is nice, but the chassis needs work. Bad motor and steering.
Anyway, I totally disasembled it peice by peice and as budget allows I will be slowly rebuilding it into a show truck with go capabilities. It would be fun to drive this outside.
My goal is to build it with as many silver alloy peices as possible with some gold accents. Is there available a smoked chassis kit for it? And, is there a 2.4 conversion kit for it? Can it handle a normal MR02 2.4 PCB board? It would be nice to have a glitch free show truck. Also, what power do you recommend for this heavy metal project? This truck is littlery down to the last screw and part.
By the way, I'm not good at soldering so I need bolt-on parts, and no lithium power.

2008.07.30, 12:09 AM
One thing I know about the monster is all that alloy adds alot of weight to it. More so than any other Mini Z. Fets and maybe lithium may be what you would need to get it to move. I don't know about a smoke chassis, you may be able to find an Overland smoke chassis set. The only difference is the battery clips. I built my Recycler monster from all my stock parts after upgrading my original. I have more fun with the Recycler than I do with the one weighted down. The Recycler has had many parts replaced in that time, all stock pieces. Here you find out the difference between show and go for sure. An ASF 2.4 Monster sounds interesting though. The servo wires may need to be extended from an MR02 set to work.

2008.07.30, 11:21 AM
Thank's Hammer. So the Overland has a smoked chassis set? Would I be able to use the Monster's battery clips on it? The Monster's clips has those tanks on it which add to the look. Be weird without it.
The reason the Monster is much heavier with full metal jacket, is it's peices are so much bigger than the other cars. Having a glitch free Monster would be so nice.
Is there a clear white chassis set for the Monster? That would look just as good with the red as the smoked, but advantage with the smoked is the gold battery terminals.

2008.07.30, 12:53 PM
found this site which mite be helpful has some clear chassis aswell as other colours http://www.rcmini-z.com/default.php/cPath/53_198

2008.07.30, 02:37 PM
Thank you, does help. Would prefer smoked but have not seen smoked for Monster, but clear will be nice especially if it's a show car. I noticed the clear ones show alot more dirt than the smoked and don't look as nice after a while. I will have to determine if this will be a shelf queen build, or just use it mildly indoors.

2008.07.30, 03:06 PM
i saw a smoked one on a another site when i was looking for something else but i cant seem to find it now. if you want to buy from this site you need to send them a email through the site and they get back to you with in three days with all the details you need. wasnt sure if you had used it before

2008.07.30, 05:07 PM
If you can find it again, let me know. I might have you pick it up for me as my PayPal account is unusable at the moment.

2008.07.30, 07:05 PM
The only place i've seen them for sale is on the bay from a HK seller.I think the ol main chassis is the same as th mzm.

2008.07.31, 10:36 AM
looked at my ol and mzm chassis`s side by side and they do seem to be the same only difference is front and rear gearbox`s and shock holders

2008.07.31, 11:28 AM
But is the main chassis the same? The peice that holds the PCB board and the batteries? And will the Monsters shock towers mount directly onto the Overlands? I'd really like to get a smoked chassis kit for this project.

2008.07.31, 01:49 PM
yes they are the same

2008.07.31, 04:23 PM
I was just going through the book I got, and both have a smoked chassis kit. In the book, what we call the smoked chassis, THEY call it gun-metal and they have it under both Monster and Overland.
So, what set up will look best? Gun-Metal chassis with chromed bit's, clear chassis with red bit's, clear/chrome, Gun-Metal/red? Red screws with red alloy, titanium screws with red alloy?
I want this thing to look really sharp. The body is probably going to be a black Baja Beetle with some sort of flame job.
Please share your thoughts. This Monster is going to take a long time to build. First, gotta save money. Second, finding all the proper parts. Third, having the body custom airbrushed.

2008.08.06, 01:47 PM
found anther one http://www.the-border.com/product.php?productid=21072&cat=198&page=1

2008.08.06, 01:59 PM
Cool, thank you. That will really look good with the red alloy. Trying to get all my Z's to match with the gun metal chassis.
I received your PM but the link was broken and message saying that you can't receive PM's.

I didn't realize they were in the Netherlands. I managed to find some sweet AutoScales there and the Monster Truck body that I wanted for this project, thank's!

2008.08.06, 02:27 PM
the other one is on ebay look for hkshobby there based in usa

2008.08.07, 09:53 AM
i saw a smoked one on a another site when i was looking for something else but i cant seem to find it now. if you want to buy from this site you need to send them a email through the site and they get back to you with in three days with all the details you need. wasnt sure if you had used it before

Any time you can't find what you're looking for, just open a Support Ticket and we'll get it in for you! :)

2008.08.07, 10:51 AM
You talking to me or to him? Can you get more of those smoked chassis kit's in stock? Need it for Monster.

2008.08.07, 11:04 AM
I'm talking to everyone. :) Please open a Support Ticket w/ the part # you're looking for and we'll do our best to get it for you! :)

2008.08.07, 03:38 PM
I e-mailed the shop through your contact page about the following.
Hello. I'd like to request two items for my Kyosho Mini-Z Monster Truck project. Please get in stock item's mvf06gm (smoked grey skeleton chassis kit/gold terminals) and item Kyosho Mad Force Body Set (Type 4 : Red) Painted
Mini-monster. Plus, I'd like to get two AutoScale bodies. The yellow Lamborghini Diablo, and the black Lamborghini Diablo. I've found theme at another web site based in the Netherlands, but would rather purchase from you. Please get these items for me, thank you!
I dont' know if I exactly opened a support ticket, but I think I did. I only have a part number for the skeleton chassis, but not for the three requested bodies. Thank you!

2008.08.08, 02:10 PM
M, for future reference, here's the Support Ticket page:


This lets us keep better track of special orders vs. email. :)

2008.08.08, 04:59 PM
Thank you mini-z.

2008.08.23, 12:10 PM
Update: Purchasing a much nicer truck from fay. So this old one will be a spare parts truck. Still need to find smoked skeleton chassis kit within the USA.

2008.08.24, 09:57 AM
Is it worth getting the alloy steering gears for the Monster?