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MiniZ F1
2002.05.28, 04:07 PM
do magnets on you motor make a big difference and if i put new kinpins and take out the stock kingpins will i notice a difference?

Mini Z GT
2002.05.28, 04:41 PM
Magnets will increase your motors power. When i had the magnets I personally havn't seen much of a diffrence in power.

2002.05.28, 04:46 PM
The external magnets can increase it, but how much depends on your motor... the magnets are kinda small so their stronger area of their magnetic field dont reach very far into the motor... idealy the magnets should be replaced with stronger mangets...

MiniZ F1
2002.06.05, 10:21 PM
can i get more power if i put 2 more motor magnets on my motor?so all together i will have 4 magnets

2002.06.07, 04:43 PM
I recommend the Squat NeoPower magnets.
I got me a set from the Mini-Zracer.com shop and tried them on standard, X-Speed, NML Evader and the Mini-ZRacer motors.
The most notibale difference was on the standard and X-Speed motors, as the Mini-ZRacer and NML Evaders have decent magnets.

2002.06.13, 10:44 AM
How fast is the mini-zracer.com motor with squat neopower magnets compared to an evader and compared to an X-speed with a squat bb can and neopower magnets. Thx.

2002.06.13, 12:05 PM
Mondo do you feel your magnets increased speed or torque? Do you have proof of how much it was improved?

I realy dont think the externals work any were near as good as the internals ;) I have claims that neos inside the motor, can do itty bitty wheelies... on a 6T pinion ;)

2002.06.13, 04:03 PM

I have a little test that I perform.
Outside in my courtyard, I have a small bucket with a flat base.
Usually with the standard Mini-Z (non Turbo + X-Speed) it will stall if I attempt to shove the bucket. The rear wheels spin slowly and eventualy grind to a halt.
The car had a 9T pinion and 30 tyres.

My Evader/TLP CLK will shove that bucket with minimal effort, at a low speed and bit of rear end hopping, the obvious result of a more powerful motor and an ESC (Turbo) to match.
Also configured with 30 tyres and a 9T pinion.

I put the Squat Neo's on the X-Speed and it actually moved the bucket a little, it stopped, but the wheels spun slowly. A better result than previous attempts.

I found the non-Turbo Mini-Z when fitted with a standard motor was a little slack on acceleration with a 9T pinion.
With a standard motor and the 9T pinion, the acceleration with the Neo's was a little quicker than before. The standard motor, which I yanked out of my new (unused) McLaren F1 is (obviously) a brand new motor. It wont move the bucket though.

The Mini-ZRacer motor has only been run in non-Turbo form, so I tried to push the bucket with it. It pushed a little, stopped and the wheels spun slowly, but didn't grind to a halt.
Once the Neo's were fitted, I tried the same thing a few times and although the bucket stopped moving, the wheels spun a little faster. It wanted to move the bucket, but it wasn't going anywhere.

The Neo's when fitted to the NML Evader make a slight difference in the bucket shove scenario. remember the Evader Mini-Z has a TLP Twin-Turbo fitted and moves the bucket slowly with a slightly harsher rear end hop.

The patio is smooth concrete and the grip is fairly decent.
The bucket is probably a 10 litre unit with a totaly flat base.
I do not ram it, I place the cars against it and then apply gas.

It's isn't exactly the physics that Ford or GM use to test power, but it gives me an idea of 130 motor torque outputs.

Both cars were fitted with 30 tyres, alloy rims with 11mm rears, a 9T pinion, TopCAD alloy motor mounts, bearings and ball-diffs.
The non-Turbo mini-Z has a TopCAD ball-diff, the TLP twin-Turbo Mini-Z has a Kyosho.
Both chassis were using the CLK bodyshell with the LWB setting.
The test was conducted on the same area, with the bucket being placed in (almost) exactly the same place.

Drac, about those Neo internal magnets. Expect a mail from me soon. I guess you do PayPal? :D

2002.06.13, 04:15 PM
Yep paypal.. only so far... with out a credit card prefered, wich means those that only have a CCard put the money in your acount now so it clears intime to send anything you want to buy from me ;). reason: I have a nonupgraded paypal acount, wich dont let you have the payments, it just sits there saying na-nan-nan-na untill you upgrade. I am also trying to convert my site into a shopping cart, one that could potentialy be used by another site.. but its becomeing a rather pain in the butt, since I am trying to do it purely with javascript, for servers that dont use CGI or ODBC ;).

Any way, if you use the bucket test, my 1pound weight test might be similar... I have a video (2mb 20 seconds, and I think will only work in QuickTime) of my Z pushing a 1 pound dumbel around a lenolium floor, the type you jog with, round. Now my neos are strong, but I do have to tap it to get it to start moving, and then its rolling so less friction effort.. but its funny, once it gets going I can go almost full speed pushing it, but almost 95% of the time my Z will monster truck right over the stupid thing... so I am gona put the dumbell in someting that dont roll next time I test to see if my Neos can push it... although those tests were with a 13T pinion.. I should probly use a 9T or smaller if I want to try to push someting or play Mini-Z Tug-O war. :)

I've also been told with turbo, bearing can, and my neo magnets, on a rediculously low 6T pinion, some one was doing tiny wheelies :D Probly only 1mm off the ground if any.. might be why the Z needs weight in the front :)

IF some one wants to convert the video so others can actualy see it, and compress it so its not so stupidly big for small resolution it is.. I will find the file again, and find a way to send it to you, most emails wont allow a 2mb file in the box ;) I dont have enough free web space to put it on my site, yet, or I would have already ;) I have just under 2MB free.. figures...