View Full Version : EX-1 UR problem

2008.07.31, 09:32 PM

2008.08.02, 08:25 PM
make sure you have batteries in both the tx and the rx (car)
make sure your 2.4 module is inserted all the way in the tx.
now hold down the bind button on the module and power up the tx....
the led will get dim (bind mode) now press the bind button on the top deck of the car and turn the car on....now turn the car off and the tx....
turn the tx back on and then the car....you should be bound and functioning. You may need to reverse your steering and throttle...

2008.08.02, 09:50 PM
do you have the mini z 2.4 module or the ko one?
ive seen the pics of your stuff and im sure its the wrong module