View Full Version : Anti Gravity Racer

2008.07.31, 10:09 PM
Anyone seen these yet?

2008.07.31, 11:42 PM
interesting, isn't if just basically a hover craft? pretty cool !

2008.08.01, 04:17 PM
hover craft it is. Would be cool if they were using electrograviatics. But that's a few years away.


2008.08.01, 06:08 PM
That would be a cool way to make a 1/28 scale Mini-Z of Luke Skywalkers LandSpeeder. I can just see Aoshima "Skynet" making one now! No more having to purchase tires!

2008.08.01, 11:48 PM
Pretty cool looking hovercraft, hits 50mph with the upgraded motor. It also comes with a 3 cell Lipo battery and 2.4ghz radio.. Looks really nice, would'nt mind having one. Good find..

2008.08.04, 09:39 PM
Basically a hover craft but way faster than those offered before...and more durable

I will be getting a unit very soon, the first batch is enroute

2008.08.05, 09:54 PM
Very interesting, and it'd be best if it can go over water(which it doesn't seem like it). Also, I notice it kinda come to a dead stop after jump? I thought it'd be flying thru the sky after the jump. :D Maybe it bottomed out?

2008.08.06, 01:05 AM
it bottomed out, likely, because it has a packing-foam hull/bottom, instead of inflated rubber skirts like a real hover craft... the real HC would give and reshape itself unlike this toy.

2008.08.25, 08:47 PM
axon drift vid (http://www.zippyvideos.com/4824692607753936/axonshort/)

2008.08.31, 02:30 PM
sources say there is a 7 inch micro version in the works

2008.09.02, 01:27 PM
This looks pretty kickass and very reminiscent of the ships from Wipeout. They even used the soundtrack straight out of the Wipeout games. Like draconious pointed out, it'll be even better if they include rubber skirting as hop-ups.

2008.09.04, 07:45 PM
yes but can't get it to the speeds this one reaches with a skirt

2008.09.18, 11:21 PM
Is This Fast Enough? (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJMxmMmnJck)