View Full Version : Copter X vs Align

2008.07.31, 11:19 PM
CopterX is fully compatible with Align 450 parts. All the parts on the Copter X is compatible with the SE the Copter 450AE is no different from the 450SE and is compatible with the TREX450SE and SA. From the boom parts head, tail, belt.
All parts are the same.
Aluminum of CopterX 450AE is okay. But the material is too soft.
For the carbon frame of CopterX 450SE is much better. If you want to land quickly, it will stand the hard landing.

2008.07.31, 11:37 PM
I'd stick with Align parts. I've upgraded my heli with Micro-Heli parts and some have said it's alloy is soft also. Would like to swap out the Micro-Heli silver alloy with Align's gun-metal color. I've built the Trex to use with a gorgeous Airwolf fueselage, so I dont' want any blue alloy on it. But the Align's gun-metal alloy would look sweet on it. Not only is the silver Micro-Heli alloy soft, it shows up finger prints like crazy so it's really hard to get a nice clean look. Another reason for going with the gun-metal Align parts.