View Full Version : Happy Birthday hop a long

2008.08.05, 07:47 AM
All the best Jayce Have a good day:D

2008.08.05, 08:19 AM
happy bday jayce:D

2008.08.05, 08:59 AM
Have a good en mate!

2008.08.05, 09:25 AM
happy b'day jayce!

2008.08.05, 11:51 AM
Happy Birthday Jayce! 'ave a gud 'un.

2008.08.05, 11:58 AM
Thanks very much guys! I've had a busy day,but now it's beer time!:D I got a new PC game and some money,and a bottle of dooleys(the mrs didn't want to order any z parts in case she got the wrong ones:) so i got cash instead!)

2008.08.05, 01:37 PM
Booyah! Glad you had a good day mate!

How's your leg BTW?

2008.08.05, 06:07 PM
Thanks Tom i had a great day,Audra did me a lovely mixed grill for dinner,and i'm just having a dooleys nightcap(or three;)).
My ankle is still sore and a bit swollen,but i can walk on it now so it should be better by the next meet.Hopefully this week i can get my cars out and clean them and make a few adjustments.:)

2008.08.06, 04:56 AM
Yeah man, if yer not too drunk from dooleys! ;)

2008.08.06, 08:09 AM
Hey Jayce, Happy birthday mate, sorry i missed the thread, i've been away last weekend, glad to had a good day. Are you looking to spend any of yer greenbacks on the Z's or something else?

2008.08.06, 08:57 AM
Thanks Mal.Did you have a good hol?I'll probably end up spending all of it on z's(damn my addiction!) i'm trying to stay away from spares sites atm,i'm enjoying the feeling of having some cash for a while:D I can't think of anything else i want tbh,except a helios but i didn't get enough cash for one.