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2008.08.05, 12:52 PM
I've decided that I don't want one of my AWD's any more and have a series of things for sale. Ultimately, I want to sell it as a whole but if no one wants a whole car then I am willing to break it down for parts.

Here is everything that's on the car:

Mazda RX7 body
Atomic TS rims to fit, crome
Wide/Narrow drift tyres
3 Racing metal out drives
Atomic titanium screw kit
Atomic motor holder, blue
Atomic heat sincs A1/B1, blue
Atomic bearings all around
Atomic titanium drive shaft
Atomic lay down crystal adapter, black
Atomic front one way diff
Atomic ball diff in the rear
Atomic front green springs
Atomic SAS kit with 2* camber and 2* toe and orange springs fitted
Atomic SAS alloy shock arms

The SAS kit also comes with the following spares
- Spare springs (red, silver)
- 0 Camber
- 0 Toe
- Plastic shock arms

With the exception of a few parts - a lot of this is as good as new.

For everything listed above all RTR, I will take 100 ONO. Cash only and no postal service as the next meet is right around the corner.

If no one is interested, then just tell me what you want and I can strip it down.

This is a bargain considering whats in it... The Mazda shell alone is worth 20 and is as good as brand new... Never mind all the other parts which didn't come cheap!

So be nice guys! :)

2008.08.05, 06:03 PM
I'll take the motor holder if you end up stripping it down.

Does this mean you've given up on an awd racer?

2008.08.06, 04:57 AM
Na mate, my drifter! I'm getting there with the racer. ;)

I have two motor holders spare, so no problem. :) Did you still want that RM??

2008.08.06, 05:21 AM
just as i order the stuff to get my drifter going:rolleyes:

2008.08.06, 07:11 AM
Are the awd motor holders alloy? The RM is for my friend shaun,he just wants a stock(cheap) one,so i guess i'll leave it.

2008.08.06, 08:13 AM
looks like i'll be drifting on my own :(

2008.08.06, 08:49 AM
Lol Mal,you won't,i still have my drifter:) and Lee has just bought drift tyres too! so there's still three of us and thats enough for a race(should we ever get around to drift racing!)

2008.08.06, 01:36 PM
Hehe, sorry Mal. The way this is going I just might still have a drifter lol!

Yeah, the motor holders are both, blue alloy. :)

2008.08.06, 02:51 PM
hehe jayce dont forget the shell that you really want and ive ordered:p

2008.08.06, 04:25 PM
I can't believe you bought that Lee,i hope ya don't want it painted! yuk!!!:p