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2008.08.07, 04:36 AM
Hi guys i am new in the forum and i have a problem with my TX. When i turn to the left just a bit and release it it stops in a different center point then when i turn to the right and release it.I mean in the track sometimes go straight sometimes left and sometimes right.Its not trimming i know that.It does the same when i hold it in my hands i can see the sevo saver stops in different points. I am using the TX that came with the kit KT5 i think.If i put the AM module on my 3PK it will be the steering better or its a problem from the car?Board,servo,etc.

Thank you for your help in advance:)

2008.08.07, 08:12 AM
I would try the 3pk and see what happens if it goes away immediatly you will know its a problem in the Tx. Then you can go through the Tx settings. There is a little wheel above the steering wheel that should control center point. Its very easy to accidentally turn/adjust while driving, as its right behind the steering wheel. Id check that as well.

What chassis is this on? Does the board have any modifications? How old is the car? Has the servo gearing been cleaned recently?

I woiuld think it could be just as easily a mechanical problem.


2008.08.07, 10:24 AM
Thanks for the reply its an RMi new i have drived it only for 1-2 hours.All the electronics are stock.I have put all the upgrades of Kyosho on it and Derlin servo gears plus the X speedV motor of Kyosho.We are still learning here and it was the first time that i run the mini-z with the tires gloo on the rims.I had the same problem before on the track but i thoght that it was the tires that they where come out a little from the rims.After yesterdays test the tires was still in place thats why i notice the problem.This is my second mini-z the old one was passed away after many many many hours.We was running on a self made small track and we could not tell if the car had a problem or the track was a mess.Last week the Kyosho track arrived here in our small club and things are more clear now.The car have problems.I tested the other cars and they doing the same thing.I am not a noobie in R/C i have a lot of cars.From mini-z all the way to Cyclone Andy Moore Edition 1:10 that i am running.My speed control and receiver i have on the Cyclone cost about 600$ so i can expect that a small mini-z that cost only 170$ will not have a presision servo in a fixed board but is there something i can do to make it better or it will fix the problem a good TX?Do you drive yours with the stock TX or do you have something else?

Thank you for your time:)

2008.08.07, 12:46 PM
I run mine on a Ko Propo EX-10 Helios. Its far from stock :D Honestly, this radio was the single best investment (outside of a track) that I have made for my miniZs. If youve got a higher quality Tx that can run AM, Id definitly try it out. I didnt have a lot of trouble with stock Txs, but I had my fair share.

If its pulling one way or the other, it could be in the set up. If its not recentering properly, there has to be another reason. If you replaced the gears, maybe something got into them while you had everything opened up. Even something as small as a single piece of hair can reak havoc in those little gears, as they have very tight tolerances.

Before checking the gears again, make sure your tie rod moves back and forth freely. A small piece of dust or grime on top of it can cause it to bind with the cover that holds it down pretty easily.

If youve got experience with larger scale cars you wont have any problems getting around a miniZ. Their design is pretty straight forward and simple. The only thing is their small size makes them more prone to problems when it comes to dust, grime and binding. Its just a product of their size and tight tolerances on all the moving parts.