View Full Version : Using RCP track in the shed?

2008.08.07, 07:27 PM
I ran my Z in our pole shed for like 20 minutes, and when i checked the car afterwards, there was a very thick layer of dust on EVERYTHING [the dust is from our concrete]. My question is, if i lay the track out in the shed, and it gets all that dust on it, is there a way to clean it off so i can bring it inside again? Thanks

2008.08.07, 08:12 PM
we constantly hoover our track,as long as you dont use the spinning attachment you will be fine

Red Team
2008.08.08, 02:24 AM
Can you wash the RCP tracks ?

2008.08.08, 03:44 AM
As long as the brush isn't too low and sits in one position on the track, so as not to damage the surface. If you keep it moving or use a multi position head so the brushes aren't too low. You can also use a hoover with the flat head attachment without roller brush but you can still cause damage to the surface if you clean against the pile.

You can wash the track without any problem and let it naturally dry in the open, not in direct sunlight but they can be maintained easily keeping these points in mind.