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2008.08.13, 06:35 PM
I ordered a track from TinyRC on Friday the 8th. RCP recieved the order on Monday, and then processed it the next day [12th]. Then on Wednesday the 13, i got an email form RCP stating that the track would ship on Friday the 15th. My question is, why does it take 4-5 days for rcp to ship out my order?
Man, it'll take a week just for the dang thing to ship! :(

2008.08.13, 07:11 PM
We recently changed our shipping process and now have a 3rd party logistics company do all our shipping. They operate on a 3 day shipping program. We had to make the change due to the high cost of oil and the outrageous shipping costs we were receiving from fedex from shipping direct from RCP. By changing over to a 3rd party shipping company, we were able to keep the price of the tracks the same as they have been for the last 4 years.

We received your order at 5:47 on Monday the 11th. Since this was after business hours, we processed your order first thing Tuesday morning on the 12th. With 3 day shipping, your order is scheduled to ship out on the 15th.

The 3 day shipping is the same for all our distributors. Since none of them stock our tracks, everything is shipped out of our warehouse here in La Mirada, California.

2008.08.13, 07:31 PM
Thank you for the reply. Its been getting tough to wait for my track to arrive :eek:, but I typed in all the shipping info on the UPS ground site, and they guarantee that it'll be on my doorstep by the end of the day next Thursday [21st]. So I guess I'm gonna have to find something to keep my mind off of the track until then :D.

Thanks for making these great tracks, because if you didn't, I would have to keep using a vacuum hose and some rolled up towels :rolleyes:.

2008.08.20, 04:53 PM
Can you please update me on the order? I've tried emailing you, but haven't received a reply for 3 days now. I just want to know if/when it shipped ;)