View Full Version : Will This Track Work?

2008.08.14, 02:40 PM
My room is so small that i have to really be creative to find a way for the track to fit. Will the tiles in this layout fit together?

2008.08.14, 07:18 PM
I suppose i can just wait for my track to come and see for myself, but I'd like to know ahead of time so i can have a track set up in my room right when i get it. :)

Does anyone know?

2008.08.14, 08:30 PM
Youd have to mod it to get it to work like that.

2008.08.16, 08:19 PM
Would this track work? Or do i need to have those red things on the inside barrier?


2008.08.16, 08:48 PM
That should work.

2008.08.16, 08:58 PM
I watched the kenon video on their site and saw that they had inside barriers without the red corners. So now i know it'll work. Thanks :)