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2008.08.17, 02:36 AM
anyone knows some good program to design track from Mini Tile 96 in computer?
I had one but now can't to find it again :-( . Only what I found is www.trp.cc and original web designer from rcptracks, but both of them are bad.

Thx for help


2008.08.18, 02:43 PM
At one time, this was a good program. Not sure if it is still in use or works.


Here is another option


2008.08.28, 02:06 PM
Send me an email and I will forward you the files if you wish..

I have the early version of the track designer that I have made some custom tiles so we can do all of the layouts and make them look correct. ie: Wide Inside and Outside Tile on the same square, blank finishline, and narrow spot with two insides..

I believe this program was written by Haco, and then he came out with a newer version that wasn't as friendly in my opinion.. I still had the old files and the program does everything that I want.. It is probably missing some of the new chicane tiles and stuff for the Mini-96, but it wouldn't be hard to draw them like I did the other custom tiles..