View Full Version : EX-1 UR wheel sticktion?

2008.08.17, 10:13 PM
sticktion= no such word but you know what I mean. ;)

Found it only on my drop down wheel conversion. Stock was fine.

If I tighten my steering wheel, the wheel doesn't go back to neutral position on its own. So, I had to screw my wheel a little loose. Lately I noticed that the wheel when steered max left or right and then let go, the wheel doesn't spring back and forth. Not even a little bit. It'll only stop right in the center when let go... it felt like there was binding/sticktion. I never really look into it until one of our fast local driver (Stephen) drove my car and told me that my 2wd stock wasn't centering properly on the straight away. He mentioned that the steering wheel felt weird...

Today I compared the stock steering wheel and the drop down wheel and noticed that the wheel hub is rubbing on the tx housing.

Left (drop down). Right (stock)

Stock. Check out the clearance between the wheel hub and the housing.

Drop down. No clearance at all!

Solution: Use 2x .3 washers/shims from your awd toolbox.

Apply light grease to hold shims in place:

Then there's the clearance:

When everything is put together, check it by turning the wheel max on one side and then release it. The wheel should spring back and forth even for just a split second...

Your car will now track straight. Hopefully... :D

2008.08.17, 10:31 PM
Nice fix TJ :P Many times people overlook transmitter issues and think that the car is the problem.

2008.08.18, 03:00 PM
i guess the quality has gone down on ko,i've used that drop down wheel years ago on my ex-1 and never had a problem like that,
good solution TJ thanks

2008.08.18, 04:43 PM
Thanks guys! I was actually surprise myself to see something like this... Atleast it wasn't something major. I love my KO... it's the best investment ever! Well that and my non-magnetice tweezer :D!