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Dr. Kustom
2008.08.19, 12:48 AM
I'll let the pics speak for itself.

2008.08.19, 03:46 AM
Looks great!

Are these modified Xmods Rims? How did you modify them?

bye, Frido.

2008.09.24, 05:12 PM
Sorry, but that's screaming to be lowered! With that black on black wheels, you can't have that much fender gap showing! Lower it man! Then it'll look HOT! Still look's cool though.

2008.09.25, 11:32 AM
Looks great!

Are these modified Xmods Rims? How did you modify them?

bye, Frido.
looks like he drilled the centre out and put in a bearing. very nice looking iam with marc it needs to be lowered

2008.10.01, 12:54 AM
My extra vote for lowering. Dub style maybe? I would also add some white underglow and a flash kit on front, but i think i went my way here...

2008.10.01, 12:58 AM
i like it, looks cool.. and yea lowering it alittle would look better imo 2

2008.10.01, 11:00 AM
WOW People agree with me? LOL! Not sure about the neon though, I think that's over done. Although back in my X-Mod day's I had a pretty cool black RSX done up with the green neon. Have a cool picture of it at Mini-ZBar in their X-Mod section.

Dr. Kustom
2008.10.01, 02:16 PM
I lowered it today and took some new pics of it outside. Hope you like it.

2008.10.01, 02:58 PM
I think it would look a little better if the front and back were even, but overall it looks really BA right now! I think thats the first lowered overland Ive seen. Two thumbs up on the wheels and mount job!

2008.10.01, 03:03 PM
SWEEEET! That's how it should be! But I agree with hrdrvr, it look's like the rear end is weighted down by some over waight passangers! LOL!
You need to equalize it. How does it drive with the X-mod wheels on it?

Dr. Kustom
2008.10.01, 04:35 PM
Thanks guys, with the xmods wheels the OL have more grip and I lowered the front a bit more to make it even, and installed lights on it, I have to drill holes for the tail lights though, there wasn't any holes for LED.

2008.10.01, 09:22 PM
Nice, except pictures are too dark we can't tell the difference, but it does look better! Look's like it belongs to Unique Whips.

2008.10.02, 09:40 PM
looks great! :D

Dr. Kustom
2008.10.03, 04:29 PM
Thanks guys! I took some better outdoor pics today, hope ya like it.

2008.10.03, 04:54 PM
That looks stunning! great job with lowering it,and those wheels really set it all off.Usually people want height with overlands,so it's good to see a low one too:)

2008.10.04, 10:50 PM
Much nicer pics!

2008.10.05, 11:30 PM
Now youīve done it! Also, iīm more interested in getting an OL than before. I really donīt like those over-height OL sets, and this lowered looks even race-able.

I only had an OL in hands once, but didnīt check about this. Would anybody tell if they could be mounted in a 01, 02, AWD or any other chassis? Does it use front and side clips? Offsets? Wheelbases?

2008.10.06, 05:25 AM
The OL bodies only have side clips and no front clip. The wheel base depends on the Body, the OL chassis can be changed for different ones, too.
Sorry, donīt have any measurements right now, can check when I get home...
but maybe others have them handy...

Bye, Frido.

2008.10.06, 07:00 AM
It looks great! Its about time one got dropped, and you picked the right body to do it with.

2008.10.06, 07:46 AM
If this was posted about two years ago, you would have no end to the bashing. That looks cool lowered down.

2008.10.07, 11:06 AM
i have been in the process of lowering my overland but i havent wanted to do it because 1 i don't have spare clips.
2 there are clearance issues in the actual hood area.
3 i want to keep the full suspension
and im waiting on a ford f-150

i would love to see the actual underbody what it looks like under there