View Full Version : New overland, wont move

2008.08.20, 07:42 PM
as the title says, just got a new overland today, a Porsche cayenne turbo... everything thing works exept the engin, it goes a few inches then stops, then it wont go at all. then i shut it off, take out the batteries and then go again and when i press the accelerator it doesnt do anything. but it steers... im frustrated:mad: and disappointed....:( ITS DOESNT MOVE

2008.08.20, 09:07 PM
dude your batteries are probably dead so recharge and try again. if the batts are low it may still turn and stuff.

if they are new batts then check the motor wires and make sure theyre connected

2008.08.21, 03:32 AM
play with the throttle trim:)

2008.08.21, 11:02 AM
It's a apower problem ....

Make sure your batteries are charged ...;)

If yes ... a power cable must be half cut ... on power wires from AAA to chassis ...

Any warranty ? :rolleyes:

2008.08.21, 11:03 AM
thanks.. but yes, they are new batteries and sometimes itll just go for 3 seconds then stop for ever. then a day later, it will go 4 inches and then stop then not reverse or accelerate at all.:(

2008.08.21, 11:06 AM
i bought it from atomic mods and i can return it anytime, its just the process of doing it and getting another one is immense since im in canada. so if theres a way i could fix the problem by myself or it may just be some sort of wierd little mistake i made in setting it up...

2008.08.21, 11:59 AM
oh and also, does the controller light stay on red weather its on or off? and maybe i have a fried FET? but i doubt since it just got out of the box.

2008.08.21, 12:26 PM
great.. now it doesnt steer anymore... whats going on..

2008.08.21, 01:07 PM
you got screwed basically :( return it

2008.08.21, 01:29 PM
are you sure. anybody else?

2008.08.21, 03:54 PM
LOL! now it doesnt move at all! you can hear a buzzing sound like it wants to move but nothing goes anywhere. no steering no moving... and when my radio is off the red light stays on?:p

2008.08.21, 05:06 PM
dude return it it aint working

2008.08.21, 05:40 PM
i might... first im going to go out and get some new batteries. see if that helps even though the batteries that are in it already are brand new

2008.08.21, 07:04 PM
oh yea make sure that all the batteries in the controller are the same brand or the controller wont function properly.

2008.08.21, 08:05 PM
they are energizer ... but why the heck is my red light on when the controller is clearly turned off.. i can even control my car when the switch is off. its pissing me off, i dont just get the car thats is probably broken, i get the controller plus the car that are effed up

2008.08.22, 06:46 PM
could i have a blown fet?