View Full Version : hi am new !!!

2008.08.21, 10:26 AM
Hi am new and been bitten by the mini z bug !!! i am in the process of building a track in the loft at home.

I brought a new mini z gt40 but would like one for my dad and brother

anyone have any mr-02 or awd they wanna sell ??


2008.08.21, 10:28 AM
Hey Stew, where you from buddy?

2008.08.21, 10:55 AM
From grimsby on the east coast mate.

Looking to do some mini z racing once i get setup and get used to how these things run and work.

Raced 1/10th for around 10 years on and off road. but fancied something alittle more challanging and i can have a track in my loft

2008.08.21, 01:16 PM
hi, nice to see someone new:) you coming next month?

2008.08.21, 02:30 PM
wheres happening next month ??? will be looking to do some racing like i said ! !

Also need mini z parts and a cheap z for brother in law ??? anyone ??


2008.08.21, 02:39 PM
We race each month at Stafford,your best bet is to check out the marketplace fs threads you should be able to find something.If not there's always the bay! Also it may help if you are specific about what parts you need.

2008.08.21, 02:47 PM
hi i might make the trip if i have a z ready.

i am looking for a cheap mr-01 or 02 for my brother in law a complete runner. dont mind about transmitter tho.

just bits people dont want


2008.08.22, 02:36 AM
I have a RTR AWD for sale if that's of any constellation.

2008.08.22, 07:58 AM
i have a uk based mini z only shop:eek:
also can build you a half decent 02,how much do you want to spend on one?

2008.08.22, 08:37 AM
just looking for a stocker for now mate.

half the fun is the upgrades and building them.

i have the transmitters from my old rc cars so just the chassis and electrics


2008.08.22, 09:06 AM
i got another one of these ebay item 280254477796
its bone stock with a 3 month old 27mhz am board in it,i can do it with that body or a red enzo which again is brand new:)