View Full Version : overland rims interchangeable?

2008.08.21, 01:12 PM
hi im new here and i have a mini-z overland and im wondering can any other rims like ones from an mr02 or mr01 or mr015 can fit on the overland

oh and also can i take a mini-z monster body like the baja bug and put it on my overland?

2008.08.21, 11:06 PM
The racer wheels, yes they will mount on there. However if you are running the racer tires, the gearbox will drag the ground. There may be a slight side to side play with them mounted, but not too much of an issue. If you want to use Lego tires or any other solid tires, the racer wheels are the way to go.

The monster bodies are for the most part are smaller and sit on top of the chassis. Maybe a little too small to fit down around the chassis. That may be bad news on that subject. The Monster shock towers is what the Monster body clips onto, not the chassis like Overland bodies do. I have seen the towers swapped to mount the Jeep body though. You may have to search to find it. Keyword [jeep].

2008.08.21, 11:59 PM
ok thanks man it is good info :D