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2008.08.23, 02:58 AM
Like the title says, the MRCG is now available for preorder! At $109.99 you won't find a better deal on any aftermarket Mini-Z chassis, so please use this link (http://shop.tinyrc.com/product.php?productid=19358) to get to the preorder page. Thank you! :)

2008.08.23, 11:37 PM

I preordered today but didn't see the $20 discount coupon. How can I apply it now?


2008.08.24, 03:46 AM
I replied by PM. ;) You apply the MRCG1 coupon when you go to "checkout" your purchase. So if you already placed the order I'm not sure if you can still apply it. :(

2008.08.24, 11:11 AM
submit a support ticket via the shop. i'm sure david can work something out.

2008.08.28, 03:01 AM
submit a support ticket via the shop. i'm sure david can work something out.

Thanks I working something out (I hope)

2008.09.16, 02:19 AM
Brian any word when the chassis is going to ship?

I read on your MR02 thread EMU got the chassis already.

2008.09.16, 09:17 AM
My chassis is a prototype. It is made out of G10 fiberglass and delrin. No alloy or carbon firber. I am still ordering the pre-order as well.

2008.09.16, 05:37 PM
Okay I see. :)

2008.09.16, 05:56 PM
Ah, I didn't make that very clear, did I. :o A few GSR members have G10/Delrin prototype MRCG's to test and race, in addition to the development work that I've been doing.

As for the production CF/alloy chassis, I would like to place the final parts orders within another two weeks and have the parts arrive mid-October. Sorry for the wait. :o

2008.09.16, 07:09 PM
Hi there, I also placed an order for this chassis and didn't get the 20 dollar discount. Is it to late or can I still get the discount?

2008.09.16, 07:24 PM
Open a support ticket with David, he'll take care of it for you. ;)

2008.09.16, 08:36 PM
What electronics do you recommend best for this chassis? I was considering the 2.4 board for MR02, but it requires aftermarket servo and I dont' want to have to solder things up if I dont have to.
Can I use the Spektrum 3500 receiver? What do you recommend?

2008.09.16, 09:53 PM
If you have the cash (it certainly seems like you do :p) then probably the Spektrum 3500 plus a Novak Spy or Xray ESC, with a Futaba S3154 digital servo. To be honest though I think the ASF board is pretty adequate, and AFAIK its servo circuitry is also digital. If you modify it with an external turbo it will be just as efficient and powerful as any modular ESC.

Looks like I have stuff to add to the FAQ thread, thanks marc. ;)

2008.09.16, 11:03 PM
I used the Spektrum SR3001 RX, with Xray XMC-180 ESC and Futaba S3154 servo. I am avoiding the Hitec servo's. My last one didnt center properly, and I dont want to deal with that again for a $35 servo.

I have heard that the JR 285 is a good servo, and will be ordering that for my CF MRCG.

2008.09.21, 06:55 PM
another proto mrcg build

Great chassis color0!

2008.09.21, 09:38 PM
pinoyboy - I like how you went with a matched set of TSR cells for your MRCG's battery pack. It might be more expensive making packs from matched cells, but I would think that this would prevent the pack from having a "weak link" cell. IMHO, if you are going all-out and building the best 1/28th scale hobby-grade chassis possible, why skimp on the battery pack by using non-matched cells?

Well done pinoyboy. I like your car - A Lot.:D

2008.09.22, 12:28 AM
I group my cells by capacity. I get over 850mah 1a discharge with my both of my TRP 900 packs. I discharged all the cells before making the packs as well. As long as they are relatively close in capacity there really isnt a big problem with using unmatched packs, plus you get 2 packs for the price of one.

Hank is cheating as well, using a battery tray :p

The car looks good. Lets see it get a little dirty ;) Time to tear up some RCP.

JR 241 with Mini-T servo saver should fit perfectly for a 98mm setup.

2008.11.19, 04:45 PM
Long-awaited update:

The aluminum parts have been in for a while, and PN is going to go pick up my CF parts on Monday! Which means that after a very long delay -- I duly apologize... moving the college in the middle of this process has not been conducive -- the first MRCG kits will finally be shipping out from TinyRC very soon! I've seen the parts and the quality is waaay up there; so for those who preordered first, I again apologize for the wait and guarantee that the cars will be well worth your time and money! ;)

Btw, for those who went to the PN World Championship: these first MRCG kits will have clear anodized aluminum instead of the orange pieces that PN used on his demo car. A shiny natural aluminum finish was my original intention and I hope you guys will like it too. :)

Thanks everyone!

2008.11.19, 06:22 PM
i look forward to seeing pictures!